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Google Maps adds Lime rides to walking and biking directions

Since December, Google Maps started displaying Lime scooters and bikes when looking for public transit directions. The feature has then been extended to 80 cities in March, making it easier for locals and tourists alike to see what option is faster to get to their destination. Google and Lime have partnered to integrate the company's rides more deeply with Maps, as the latter is now shown in the walking and cycling tabs, in addition to the transit one.

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Lime starts rolling out group scooter rides so a single user can pay for others

If you live in or have visited a major city in the past year, you've most likely had an encounter with an electric scooter. Another common sighting is a group of them rushing through packed streets, which is a convenient way to avoid traffic during busy hours. However, until now, each rider had to scan and pay for their scooter themself, which was somehow inconvenient, especially when some users had to download the app and create an account. Nevertheless, Lime is now rolling out a new feature that lets a single user pay for an entire group of riders, without the need for them to have an account.

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Google adds Lime bikes and scooters to over 80 new cities in Maps

Lime pedal bikes, scooters, and e-bikes are an easy way to get around a city when you don't want to walk or take a car to your destination. In the past, finding one when you needed it required using the Lime app. Just like it did with Lyft, Google is streamlining the Lime experience by adding locations of these green transportation alternatives to Google Maps in over 80 new cities.

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Google Maps now features Lime bike and scooter transit in 13 cities

The shareable scooters and bikes from Lime have taken over dozens of cities around the world. You've probably seen them yourself, sometimes being ridden and other times discarded like trash. Now, Google Maps will help you find Lime bikes that haven't been dumped in a lake. Lime is now a Google Maps transit option in 13 cities.

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