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Facebook experiments with removing 'like' counts

Social media networks currently exist in a juxtaposition; their main goal is to keep people engaged for as long as possible, but due to public pressure, they are also implementing features to limit addiction. Facebook appears to be experimenting with hiding like counts, similar to what Facebook-owned Instagram has been toying with.

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Likes for photos and videos in shared albums are rolling out to more people in Google Photos

Back at the beginning of March, we spotted an upcoming "like" feature, along with a heart icon, in a Google Photos APK teardown. Three months later, likes are rolling out to many for shared photos and videos, and they function exactly as you'd expect them to.

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Google Photos v3.15 prepares to add Likes to shared photos and videos, exporting Motion Stills as GIFs, and adds another layer to Austin's cryptic clues [APK Teardown]

A fresh round of updates to the Google Photos app began rolling out this week. Aside from a few small tweaks to wording, you're probably not going to see any noticeable changes as a result of installing the latest version, but as is often the case, there are at least several topics to cover in a teardown. We can look forward to counting up Likes on our shared photos, easier sharing of Motion Stills, and of course, the wider rollout of Google Lens. Also making a return appearance is Austin's infamous mysteryer feature.

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