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[Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars] (Star Wars) New Chrome Experiment Uses Your Phone As A Lightsaber (Star Wars!)

Star Wars? Star Wars Star Wars. But, Star Wars. The new Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars, and Star Wars. Star Wars Star Wars, Luke Skywalker, original trilogy. Jar Jar Binks, ugh. Darth Vader. Empire Strikes Back best. <Mercilessly mock Hayden Christensen as an insufferable, mewling infant, featuring overt and excessive hand-gesturing.> Millennium Falcon! Remastered editions <audible hissing>.

Great. Do we all have it out of our systems? Nope? Yeah, me neither. Anyway, Google released a new Chrome experiment today (find it here) that utilizes your desktop Chrome browser and your smartphone's Chrome browser to turn your phone into a lightsaber, because Star Wars.

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[New Game] Don't Run With A Plasma Sword Comes To Android, Doesn't Actually Offer Halo Players Safety Advice

Lets temper those expectations right from the beginning. Don't Run With a Plasma Sword has nothing to do with Halo, and you would be hard-pressed to find similarities between this mobile title and that blockbuster series. The young, Saturday-morning-cartoon-aged protagonist of Don't Run With a Plasma Sword isn't even wielding what I'd consider a plasma sword - it's more of a lightsaber.* But you know what? That's just as awesome. So pick up your Android device and get ready for another endless runner.

Plasma1 Plasma2

Plasma3 Plasma4

Don't Run With a Plasma Sword doesn't take itself too seriously. Instead, it's a humorous take on the many old sci-fi movies that did, but in retrospect, probably shouldn't have.

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