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Wiz, Philips Hue's sister company, announces remote and motion sensor for its Wi-Fi lights

Smart bulbs can be divided into two main categories: the ones that connect to your router using Wi-Fi, or those that require an intermediary bridge. Others also use Bluetooth, but they're usually less convenient, as they're not directly connected to the Internet. With the acquisition of WiZ, Signify, the company behind Philips Hue lights, has taken a smart approach, as it's present in the three aforementioned categories. With this in mind, it's just announced a new remote control and a motion sensor for its Wi-Fi lights, following in Hue's footsteps.

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Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance starter kit with hub and three bulbs down to $100 ($60 off)

Philips Hue lights are known for their reliability, ease of use, and compatibility with third-party services. Unfortunately, they tend to be quite pricey, especially if you don't have a Hue hub already. Thankfully, the Hue White and Color Ambiance starter kit has dropped to $100 on Amazon, which is $60 off its regular price.

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Philips unveils a new range of Wi-Fi bulbs that forgo the Hue Bridge

Back in June, Philips introduced a new range of bulbs that worked without the need for a hub. Although these connect to your phone directly through Bluetooth, they lack direct Internet access if you don't buy the Hue bridge. The company is looking at fixing this drawback with the release of a new lineup that operates directly over Wi-Fi and forgoes the need for a hub.

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Philips Hue v3.14 rolling out with promised custom power-on behavior

Just about a month ago, Philips announced that Hue owners would soon be able to set custom power-on behaviors, meaning that you can tell your lights how you want them to come on when you flip the switch or the power returns. This includes brightness and color.

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Pixel 2 cameras don't like LED lights, display strange banding when aimed in their direction

There's no doubting that Google's 2nd generation Pixels are excellent phones, but like any major release, they've not been without their fair share of teething problems. The screen of the Pixel 2 XL has captured the most headlines, with various issues which may or may not have been overblown in some media circles. With all that talk of the display, the camera must have been feeling left out. Well not anymore.

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Leviton smart lighting devices now work with IFTTT

Trying to assemble a network of smart home devices can be a challenge that leaves you juggling a myriad of different apps and protocols. IFTTT works behind the scenes to knit all these various products together into a (somewhat) cohesive whole. Of course, first your devices need to have support for IFTTT. You can add Leviton's smart lighting devices to the list today.

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Ikea Trådfri smart lights will get support for Assistant and Alexa later this year

What's the point of having smart home devices if you can't control them with your preferred voice interface? Ikea's Trådfri lights are a little cheaper than Phillips Hue, but they don't work with Assistant right now. That's going to change soon, though. Now if only you could pronounce it.

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Enblink For Google TV Gives You Wireless Control Over Home Lighting And Other Devices, Pre-Orders Available Now

So you have a Google TV, but you want to use it for something other than watching TV. We understand - we are an Android blog dedicated to telling you how to do just about anything but place a call using your smartphone, after all. So I present to you the Enblink, a Chromecast-sized dongle that also plugs into your TV, giving it wireless control over your home's lighting and other existing devices.


If it's important for you to keep your TV apps centered around traditional tasks, think of the Enblink as an extension of your home theater setup. When a movie starts, the person holding the remote can dim the lights without having to leave the comfort of their couch.

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[Video] Watch America's Got Talent Finalist Team iLuminate And Labrinth Rock The Socks Off Sony's Xperia S Launch Party

Team iLuminate, one of the most visually impressive and creative dance troupes who just happened to win be one of the finalists in America's Got Talent last year, recently joined Labrinth in this stunning performance at the Sony Xperia S party. There really isn't much to say here - just watch:

I've been a huge fan of iLuminate, and while this isn't by far their most original performance, it was still quite a treat. Plus, Labrinth isn't so bad either.

As a bonus, here are some videos you absolutely need to watch:

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