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Adobe Lightroom CC 4.4 update brings video import, image recovery, and more

If you capture, edit, and share RAW images from your smartphone, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better solution than Lightroom. While the Android version doesn't have feature parity with its PC and macOS counterparts, the August 2019 update adds a few interesting features to close the gap.

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Adobe announces Lightroom CC improvements, Spark Post for Android, and more

Slowly but surely, Adobe has been improving its library of Android applications. The Lightroom app finally gained a tablet UI last year, and now receives regular updates to match the desktop application. Today, Adobe is releasing another update for Lightroom, along with a brand new app - Spark Post.

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Adobe Lightroom updated with improved auto settings, app shortcuts, and more

Despite a bumpy start, Adobe's Android version of Lightroom has become a capable and popular app for mobile photographers. It can process RAW files, apply filters, and it syncs across devices with a Creative Cloud subscription. Today, Adobe is rolling out a new version that includes neural network smarts and some features for newer builds of Android. Most features still work without a subscription, too.

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Adobe Lightroom for Android v3.1 adds tablet UI, selective editing, intelligent search, and more [APK Download]

For years, Adobe Lightroom has been the editor of choice for photographers. As opposed to Photoshop, which is more designed for pixel-level editing and layered images, Lightroom is geared towards manipulating photos. It's non-destructive, meaning that any changes can be easily reversed, and all of your edits are kept in the app's catalog.

Adobe has offered iOS and Android versions of Lightroom for a while now. You can select certain collections (aka albums) to sync to the cloud, for editing and viewing on the go. As you might expect, the mobile apps don't have all the functionality of the desktop applications, but they can still be helpful for quick tweaks and importing photos from your phone/tablet.

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Adobe Lightroom updated to v3.0 with 'fully Android-native' interface

Adobe Lightroom is getting an update today that apparently includes a completely redesigned interface. The company says it's now fully native to Android, but don't expect it to look considerably different. It does most of the same things, but it's a bit smoother and faster while doing them.

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Adobe Lightroom v2.3 adds RAW HDR capture to select devices

Adobe added native photo capture to the Lightroom app a while back, and you can get some pretty good results with support for RAW photo capture on many devices. In the latest update, Adobe has taken photo captures a step further with support for RAW HDR capture. Only a few phones are supported right now, but the update is live in the Play Store.

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Adobe Lightroom updated with full camera RAW support

Users of Adobe's Android app have been able to process RAW images in the company's DNG format for a while, but the new update to v2.2 adds much more robust RAW processing. You can directly import RAW files from your camera, edit them, and export to all your devices.

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Lightroom updated to v2.1 with manual camera and improved file exports

Adobe opened up the mobile version of Lightroom to everyone late last year after first launching it as an exclusive for Creative Cloud subscribers. If the editing capabilities of Lightroom weren't enough to get you to check it out, maybe the new camera functionality will be. The built-in camera now has full manual controls and a shortcut, plus there have been improvements to file exports.

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Adobe Lightroom Mobile v1.4 Is Now Free To Use, No Creative Cloud Subscription Required

Adobe has a complicated relationship with Android. Most of its apps come to our beloved platform long after they've launched on iOS, and the updates tend to be slower to arrive thereafter. Keeping that in mind, Lightroom got a big update on iOS back in October that removed the requirement for a paid Creative Cloud subscription. Now Android is getting the same. As of today, Lightroom is free on Android.

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Adobe Lightroom App Updated With Copy/Paste For Adjustments, Better Cropping, And More

The Lightroom app was missing several important features when it came out (like tablet support, inexplicably), but a series of updates has made it much more useful. The v1.2 update is rolling out today and it brings changes to cropping, adjustments, sorting, and more.

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