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Nest smart displays pick up more light theme elements

Usually, we're stuck waiting for dark themes to land, but today's news is the opposite: A more uniform light theme has rolled out to Nest smart displays. Seemingly delivered via a software update (v., according to 9to5Google), more UI elements now match the otherwise bright white light theme on both smart displays.

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SeriesGuide v53 update brings light and dark theme switching to the masses

Frequent TV watchers or ardent fans of specific series are likely familiar with SeriesGuide, which makes it much easier to follow your favorite shows, get notifications for new episodes, and even sync your lists across devices. A new version of the app (v53) is rolling out now, and trickling light/dark theme switching down from an in-app purchase to a standard feature, and bringing support for system-level theme switching on supported devices, among other smaller changes.

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Android 8.1 feature spotlight: Toast messages are now white to better match the rest of the UI

Those of you who are fans of darker themes on software won't be happy with this change we've discovered in the Android 8.1 Oreo developer preview: toast messages now have a lighter, inverted theme. This was likely done in order to match the rest of the much whiter user interface, which the gray toasts didn't really go with.

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