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Light Flow hobbled by Play Store developer policy changes and API targeting requirements

Back in the day, Light Flow was an integral part of the Android enthusiast toolkit. Nexus phones came with snazzy multicolored LEDs for notifications, but customization options were limited. Light Flow filled that gap with per-app and per-notification type tweaks. Sadly for those that might still be using it, Google's API targeting requirements will be limiting colored LED support going forward. Per-contact and call/SMS/MMS distinguishing notification customization will also have to be abandoned as a result of other developer policy changes.

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Light Flow Update Brings Lollipop Compatibility, Material Design, Support For New Google Apps, And More

Out of the box, you probably don't give your phone or tablet's LED notification light all that much thought. It glows, sure, but that's just one more way of conveying information otherwise relayed via a sound or vibration. Well, if you take control of your LED and color-coordinate your apps, then you can get that little light to convey quite a bit. And if you want to do this, Light Flow is going to be one of the best recommendations you get.

With the 3.50 update, Light Flow is now ready for Android 5.0. It should run properly, and thanks to a visual refresh, it should look right at home as well.

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Huge Light Flow 3.20 Update Overhauls UI, Adds Tasker Control, Compatibility For 100 New Apps, And More

Everyone's favorite notification LED manager Light Flow received quite a large update today, to version 3.20. The new app features a totally overhauled UI with better support for tablets, quicker access to notification settings, and more. On the substantive side, Light Flow can now allegedly be controlled by apps such as Tasker, and the developer promises documentation for that is forthcoming.

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100 or so new apps have gained Light Flow support, including Blue Mail (which is apparently popular), and new pickers for ringtones and color top off the major UI changes. The typical bug fixes are in tow, as well, but this update is obviously more about the new looks than anything.

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Light Flow Updated To Support Sony's Illumination Bar, Sony Smartwatch, and More

Light Flow is the type of app that is distinctively Android. It's both basic and complex at the same time, choosing a single aspect of your phone to mess around with (in this case, its notification LED) and providing a bunch of options for doing so. The latest update brings along a bunch of features, but it's particularly interesting if you own a Sony smartwatch or Xperia phone with an illumination bar.


Sony device owners don't get all the fun though. Light Flow will now send better text notifications to dashclock and Pebble smartwatches running Android 4.3 or higher. Vibrating while in a call should also work on more phones.

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Light Flow Updated To Version 3.12.6, Now Supports Android 4.4, Better Handles Hangouts/SMS Integration, Has Improved Layout, And More

Have a KitKat device? If so, you've made the leap to the latest version of Android faster than most other people. That's the fun part. You've also jumped to Android 4.4 before most apps. That's the not so fun part. While older apps are generally stable and compatible, sometimes an update is in order to iron out the kinks. Thus a new version of Light Flow is now available that makes the app more compatible with Android 4.4 and the Nexus 5.

LightFlow1 LightFlow2 LightFlow3

What does this entail? Well, now the app that lets users customize their phones' LED lights is better able to handle the Hangouts/SMS integration that KitKat rolled in.

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Light Flow LED Version 3.8 Adds Support For NinjaSMS, More Hangout Types, Fixes CyanogenMod Bugs

Light Flow is the kind of app that best showcases Android's sensibilities: esoteric, amazingly customizable, and downright impossible on other platforms. The popular notification manager for devices with LED indicator lights has just had a big update to version 3.8, most notably bringing support for the popular NinjaSMS texting app. NinjaSMS users, make sure you're running the latest version of both apps, and enable Light Flow in the settings menu.

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Other changes to Light Flow include a tweaked notification system, in which persistent notifications are more, well, persistent. Devices running older versions of Android will have to do without persistent notifications, for reasons which the developer does not list.

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