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One Piece: Thousand Storm offers online co-op with the anime's most popular characters

I have to confess, despite being fairly well-rounded in all aspects of geeky culture, I'm clueless when it comes to One Piece. There's a stretchy guy and another dude who likes to eat his sword and a woman who can never seem to find her shirt and some kind of tiny moose-bear, and everybody wants this weird fruit. Or maybe treasure. Oh, and there are pirates! Whatever's actually happening in the anime, you can now relive your favorite stretchy-sword-bikini-fruity-pirate-moose moments in Namco Bandai's latest Android game, Thousand Storm.

Cynical One Piece fans might be expecting yet another licensed card game, as that seems to be the favored format for these kinds of tie-in titles.

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Disruptor Beam (And Special Guest Q) Shows Off More Details On The Upcoming Star Trek: Timelines Mobile Game

Star Trek fans who want to play video games based on their favorite franchise are constantly frustrated. Trek games are few and far between, and they seem to range from terrible (like the recent Faux Trek game for consoles from back in 2013), to promising but ultimately destroyed (like Star Trek Online), to blatant, lazy cash-grabs (like Star Trek Trexels). Is it really possible that there's a decent Star Trek game on the horizon? Signs point to "maybe."

Disruptor Beam, the developer behind the Game of Thrones Ascent mobile game, is switching from fantasy to sci-fi. The upcoming Star Trek: Timelines is a game that mixes all of the original Trek franchises in a big continuity-warping time bubble.

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True Survivors Crotch-Punch Nazis In the Official Kung Fury: Street Rage Mobile Game

If you were distracted by tons of Google I/O coverage or our NVIDIA SHIELD review yesterday, there's a slim chance that you missed the even bigger news: Kung Fury is now on YouTube. Stop reading this and go watch it now. Then come back here and read about the official mobile game for the indie movie, Kung Fury: Street Rage.

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The mobile game recreates Kung Fury's extended hand-to-hand fight scene, in which the titular lone wolf cop/martial arts master/time traveler single-handedly attacks Hitler's Nazi army. Unfortunately it's not quite as complex as the original Streets of Rage beat-em-up: you only get two on-screen buttons, left and right.

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Paramount Made An Android Game For The Upcoming Movie Interstellar... And It's Surprisingly Cool

Science fiction buffs are getting very excited about Interstellar, the upcoming movie from director Christopher Nolan (of The Dark Knight and Inception fame). To drum up a little more excitement, Paramount has created and published a mobile game tie-in. Interstellar is a free download for Android 4.0, and unlike a lot of licensed games, it has no in-app purchases... so you can save your money for Coke and popcorn. Unlike even more licensed games, it's got some unique ideas and a solid presentation.

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The movie follows a group of space explorers headed for a black hole. The Android game isn't the usual cobbled-together shooter or endless runner (or even a Bejeweled clone) you might expect from a blockbuster movie.

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[New Game] Gamevil And The MLB Wonder If You Can Mix A High-End Baseball Sim With Free-To-Play In MLB Perfect Inning

Earlier today we posted on a new version of RBI Baseball for Android. You know what, I'm just going to recommend you read that story instead. Go ahead, close this tab and read the story about the premium baseball game with decades of history and no in-app purchases. It's OK. I won't feel bad. Just go.

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Still with me? OK. MLB Perfect Inning is a high-end baseball sim from Gamevil. In addition to some very impressive graphics and and the licensed likenesses of over 200 Major League Baseball players, it features motion capture from real-life pitchers and catchers. Players and stadiums are rendered in detail, or at least enough detail that it's appealing while still being playable by most recent Android phones and tablets.

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