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LG brings hole-punch selfie cams to 3 new entry-level devices in the K-series

LG may not move as many units as Samsung or Huawei, but its recent Velvet flagship brought some interesting things to the table. The company's latest phones aren't quite as luxurious in name — the K62, K52, and K42 (pictured above) are value-oriented devices aimed at lower price brackets. But just because they don't cost as much doesn't mean they won't be worth checking out.

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LG Stylo 5 finally receives Android 10 on Verizon

LG's Stylo 5 launched almost a year ago with Android Pie. When we reviewed it, we noted the device had good design and amazing battery life, but its prospects for software updates were unclear due to LG's history. While the future's still far from certain, we're happy to see that LG is finally getting around to giving the phone a major refresh, with the company starting to turn the Stylo 5's Android 10 update loose on the wild.

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Video shows how the pivot 'wing' in the LG Wing works

The LG Wing is the latest consumer handheld device to test the limits of people's wills to not go click-clack back and forth while flipping — or, in this case, swiveling — it open. With two screens, a pop-up camera, and a lot of screen real estate to go around, some will have questions about its durability and the company is trying to address them with performative CGI in a new video.

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LG teased a slide-out phone in the Wing announcement and no one noticed

LG officially revealed its new 'Wing' smartphone in a livestream earlier today, following weeks of leaked videos and several teasers. The pre-recorded event was over an hour in length, so it's not too surprising that a teaser for a new slide-out device at the very end went unnoticed by most people.

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LG's weird swivel-screened Wing is official, complete with a pop-up selfie cam

Following leak upon leak (and a pre-announcement), LG finally made one of its weirdest smartphones yet official during a live event. The LG Wing is a dual-screen handset with a swiveling mechanism — you can rotate its display by 90 degrees, revealing another smaller one underneath it. LG hopes that this unique form factor will help with multitasking, like when you're navigating in your car while listening to music or watching a video while chatting with friends. To make it even more unique, LG has also added a pop-up selfie cam.

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Huawei's terrible, horrible, no good, very bad year continues as chip- and display-makers cut supplies

This year has been rough for a lot of reasons, but 2020 has struck Huawei particularly hard. From the initial US trade ban to the latest restrictions placed on the company, its business in parts of the world that aren't China has been severely impacted. Now it looks like Huawei is in for more bad news, as Samsung reportedly plans to stop selling its displays and chips to the world's largest smartphone manufacturer.

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LG confirms 'Wing' name for dual-screen phone, leak shows swivel mechanism in action

We've already seen LG's different-for-the-sake-of-being-different Wing leaked in two videos, but LG has just published a video teaser for the highly unusual phone. It's slated to be unveiled September 14th.

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LG Velvet arrives at T-Mobile with MediaTek 5G chipset and $588 price tag

It's always unusual when one variant of a phone gets different specs than all the others, but that's what's happened with T-Mobile's LG Velvet. For some reason, T-Mobile decided they wanted a Velvet with a MediaTek chipset — something no other Velvet variant globally has. Plus, it has a smaller battery. Granted, this model is pretty cheap at $588, but we'd expect a little more discount for the lesser specs.

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Dual-screen LG Wing gets leaked again, rumored to cost $1,000 in US

While much of the smartphone industry looks to folding screens for the future of handset design, LG sure seems to have different tastes. Though LG phones have long had secondary displays in some form, the last few have stepped that up with full-size Dual Screen accessories.  Earlier this year we heard about a new effort that would try something else entirely — now a short video of this alleged LG Wing has surfaced, giving us a look at a rotating dual-screen phone that’s unlike anything else out there.

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LG Velvet comes to Verizon for $100 more than everywhere else

We're deep into summer and almost due for a couple of new phones from Samsung and Apple. Perfect time, then, for LG to finally bring around its new Velvet smartphone from overseas to the U.S. market. It came to AT&T late in July and is eventually going to make it to T-Mobile, but we now know exactly when Verizon will bring it to customers.

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