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[Deal Alert] Pick up an LG Watch Sport for $199.99 ($150 off) or a Watch Style for $107.99 ($142 off) after 20% off coupon

Smartwatches continue to dwindle, it seems. Android Wear, as a platform, still has a long way to go. If you can look past its shortcomings, then perhaps eBay's Labor Day deal is for you. Right now, you can pick up either an LG Watch Sport for $199.99 (saving you a very nice $150) or an LG Watch Style for $107.99 (a total of $142 off of the MSRP), if you use a coupon.

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[Deal Alert] Google Store back to school sale kicks off with Pixel, Home, OnHub, and other discounts

Summer is about halfway done, and since time immemorial that's meant at least one thing: back to school sales have begun. The Google Store is no different from other retailers in that regard, and starting today you can pick up a Pixel with a free Daydream View starting at $524 (up to $200 off, a crazy value), a Google Home for $109 ($20 off), either OnHub router for $99 ($30 off), the LG Watch Style for $199 ($50 off), and a free Chromecast Audio with a Google Wifi 3-pack. It's at least possible that little Johnny's grades will be improved by your new phone, right?

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[Deal Alert] LG Watch Style on sale for $139.99 ($110 off) via eBay

Google and LG teamed up on a pair of smartwatches to show off Android Wear 2.0, one of which had all the things and the other had very few things. That other watch is the LG Watch Style, which still sells for $249 on the Google Store. That's way too much, but it's on sale for a much more reasonable $139.99 on eBay right now.

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[Deal Alert] B&H has the unlocked LG G6 for $549.99 ($50 off), or $599.99 with a Watch Style included ($130 off)

The US unlocked (US997) model of the LG G6 was made available for purchase less than a month ago (B&H is still calling it a 'New Release!' on its site), but it's already seeing some price cuts. The G6's price has been chopped by $50 to $549.99, and you can get an LG Watch Style included for just $50 extra.

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Comparison: All of the Android Wear devices announced or released in 2017 so far

Android Wear started off, as many Google products do, as something closer to a proof-of-concept than a finished product. The first watches had problems, the software was unfinished, and tech companies were the only ones producing them. Now that Android Wear is becoming a more mature platform, mostly thanks to the long-awaited 2.0 update, we're starting to see more watches than ever hit the market.

It was fairly easy to compare Android Wear watches in years past - only a handful of tech companies even bothered. But now, a vast amount of wearables are being released, with most of them by actual watch companies.

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[Update: B&H too] Deal Alert: All colors of the LG Watch Style are $179 ($70-100 off) at Best Buy

Well that was quick. Just a month after the LG Watch Style went on sale, it's already being heavily marked down. Now you can get all colors of the LG Watch Style for just $179.99 - between $70 and $100 off the original price (depending on the model).

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LG Watch Style second take: This will not save Android Wear

Android Wear has been in a holding pattern since last year when Google announced that it was delaying the release of Wear 2.0. After months of re-working the software, Google unveiled Wear 2.0 alongside the LG Watch Style and Watch Sport. The smaller of the two was the one I had pinned my hopes on, and I'm sure many of you did too. However, the announcement showed we were off to a bad start with the lack of features like NFC and a very small battery.

We've already reviewed the Watch Style once, but I've been using the device for a while and have some thoughts on it as well.

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[Update: Google Store, B&H] LG Watch Style available now from Best Buy, Watch Sport on pre-order from AT&T and Verizon

The LG Watch Sport and Watch Style are the first two watches running Android Wear 2.0, developed in partnership with Google. You've already seen our first impressions of the pair, but now you can finally buy them.

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The final version of the Android Wear 2.0 SDK is out

This should come as no surprise to anyone, but Google has released the final version of the Android Wear 2.0 SDK. It adds support for everything announced with the LG Watch Style and Watch Sport yesterday, and also makes a few revisions to some of the app approval processes. On that note, there are two things in this final version to pay attention to (if you're a developer).

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Until we have an Apple Watch of our own, no one is going to take Android Wear seriously (opinion)

Yesterday, Google announced what many hoped would be the first "proper" Android Wear smartwatches - designed from the ground up to provide the best Wear experience possible by the very team behind Android Wear. But what we received increasingly appears to be two LG smartwatches with hints of Google design influence, with far more of Google's effort being felt in the marketing and media campaigns than on consumers' wrists. Our reviews of the LG Watch Style and Watch Sport haven't yet landed, and I don't wish to taint their conclusions (my opinions here are my own), but to me they show Google's strategy with the struggling Android Wear platform is deeply misguided.

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