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[Not So Exclusive] US Cellular joins Sprint in offering the LG V30+ alongside regular V30

Sprint was strutting around last week, telling us all that it was going to be the only "major carrier" to offer the LG V30+ this month. However, it turns out the accuracy of that statement really depends on your definition of "major." US Cellular has just announced that it has launched both the V30 and the V30+ on its major-ish network.

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[Update: T-Mobile also has it now] LG V30 is now available to order in the US from Verizon or AT&T

The LG V30 is one of this year's most anticipated flagship phones, and with good reason. It's a clear upgrade on the excellent LG G6 from earlier in the year, and it's set to go toe-to-toe with the S8, Note8, and Google's incoming Pixel 2 XL (also made by LG). The phone already started shipping last month in its native South Korea, which is the norm for LG devices, but now it's possible to order one in the US through Verizon or AT&T.

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LG V30 starts shipping in South Korea, more markets to follow in the coming days/weeks

After being announced at IFA at the end of last month, LG's newest and hottest flagship is finally making its way to markets around the world. As always, LG is starting the release of the V30 in its home turf of South Korea but is promising that it will come to North America, Europe, and other markets "in the days and weeks to come."

That's vague, sure, but it's the same refrain we hear with each LG device release. If you were expecting more exact dates and price details, you'll have to wait. All we know is that the phone will come to the big four in the US sometime in the fall, which technically starts tomorrow on September 21.

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LG shows off V30 software features in new video

One of the more exciting announcements at IFA in Berlin was the LG V30, the company's second flagship of the year. Much like the Galaxy Note8 with the Galaxy S8, the V30 is mostly a refined version of the LG G6 with a few additional features. LG has now uploaded a video showing off the phone's software enhancements.

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AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint will sell the LG V30 this fall

The LG V30 definitely seems to be living up to the hype. LG finally revealed the phone officially at IFA earlier today (we have a hands-on that you should check out!), and now several carriers in the US have announced they will sell the device.

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LG officially unveils the V30, with 6-inch FullVision P-OLED display, dual cameras, and a Snapdragon 835

Today at IFA 2017 in Berlin, LG announced the V30, its latest flagship phone. In the looks department, it follows closely in the footsteps of the G6, the company’s other premium offering from earlier in the year, and very much adheres to the current trend for minimal bezels and a large screen. Gone is the niche secondary display of its predecessor. This is a phone that clearly wants to be taken more seriously by mainstream consumers.

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LG V30 first impressions: A bigger and very noticeably better G6

I'll cut to the chase: if your primary concern with the LG G6 was that it simply didn't seem like a proper flagship phone, I can safely assure you that the new V30 is. Its 6" QHD+ OLED display finally brings LG smartphones into the OLED era, though I do have my concerns with this screen even having only used the phone for under a day. The Snapdragon 835 processor is the best chipset Qualcomm has on offer, so that's an easy sell, and LG's included its Quad DAC in all models of the V30 for maximum audiophile authority (I, for one, am pleased the V30 has a headphone jack at all).

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LG teases floating action bar, always-on improvements, and new unlock features for the V30

LG is really excited about its upcoming V30 flagship. There have been several leaks of the phone already, but LG is revealing some information as well. The company previously announced that the V30's camera would have an f/1.6 aperture, but now it has revealed some of the V30's software prowess.

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LG rumored to announce Korea-bound V30 Plus alongside regular V30

LG will be at IFA in a few weeks with a new phone—well, possibly two new phones. The company's IFA invitations make it clear the heavily leaked V30 is happening, but a new report from ETNews points to a V30 Plus as well. This phone will have a few advantages over the V30, but it's probably only coming to South Korea.

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LG sends "Save The Date" invites for IFA strongly implying the V30

LG's V series of flagships gets traditionally announced toward the end of the year and it looks like this time won't be any different. However, unlike previous years where the V10 and V20 had their own events, it seems like the V30 will be unveiled at IFA. The evidence comes in the form of the above "Save the Date" invite sent by LG.

The image portrays a smartphone with rounded corners, the letter V across its screen, a date of August 31 at 9:00 am, and Berlin, Germany as the location. That's the day before IFA officially starts when most companies make their announcements.

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