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LG Is Giving Out A $100 Rebate Toward Verizon's G4 And V10, Which You Can Combine With The Carrier's Black Friday Promotion

Black Friday is coming this Thursday, and Verizon has a number of deals aimed at enticing people in the market for a new phone. One is a $100 discount on phones priced at $400 or higher, which we've seen advertised alongside the LG V10.

Now LG has an offer that sweetens the arrangement further.

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Verizon Will Offer $200 To Switch And Buy Certain Phones, $100 Off Select Devices, The Parrot AR Drone 2.0 Elite For $250, And Various Discounted Accessories This Black Friday

Black Friday, or Black Thursday Evening, is only several days away. You're probably not thinking of making the Verizon store your first destination, but the Big Red wants your money just like everyone else. If you find prices particularly off putting throughout the rest of the year, this may be the one time to pay the carrier's site and retail stores a visit.

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LG V10 Review: LG Got Me Falling In Love

I need to be real with you guys here: I've never liked any device that forced me to use whatever garbage skin the manufacturer was putting on them at the time. In other words, I've always been an "Android Purist," if you will — it was stock Android and nothing else for me, and it's really been like that since I became an Android user. Now, I've had no trouble being objective when it comes to reviewing devices with skins; just because I don't like it doesn't make it "bad."

While I wouldn't go as far as to say that the V10 is a game-changing phone in general, it has definitely been a game-changer for me.

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LG's Oddball V10 Available To Order On AT&T Tomorrow For $700, T-Mobile Gets It On Wednesday For $600 - Early Buyers Get A Free 200GB MicroSD Card

Those of you who've been waiting with bated breath to get your hands on LG's dual-screen phone won't have to wait much longer. Both AT&T and T-Mobile will be carrying the V10, and both of them will have it available for purchase later this week. AT&T customers can buy the phone starting tomorrow, though it won't actually ship or be available in stores until November 6th (next Friday). T-Mobile customers can buy one on Wednesday, October 28th, but it won't be in stores until Friday.

AT&T will sell you a Space Black or Opal Blue phone for $699.99, or $249.99 with a two-year contract.

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LG V10 Phone Test Video Shows People Having More Fun Than You've Ever Seen Anyone Have On A Slip N Slide Using A Lawn Mower

Unless, that is, you and your friends strap yourselves to lawn mowers and sling each other around on wet surfaces often. In that case, maybe you have seen people have this much fun in this manner. But for most of us, this LG V10 video is giving us a first.

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The Dual-Display LG V10 Leaks In Full On The Eve Of Announcement

For a guy who's retired from leaking, Evan @evleaks Blass sure does leak a lot of stuff. For his latest OEM-annoying trick, Blass has posted high-resolution images of the LG V10, which is supposed to be announced tomorrow. In case you missed it, that's the dual-display phone that's been popping up in recent weeks.

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LG's Teaser For The Dual-Screen V10 Smartphone Shows The World's Worst Bangs

Look, I'm not what you would call a stylish person. I think I can say with some confidence that most work-from-home tech bloggers fall into the same category (though Liam is one dapper dude). But I know a dumb-looking haircut when I see one, and the poor woman in LG's latest teaser video would be entirely justified in assaulting her high-priced stylist with a designer curling iron.

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New Leak Shows The LG V10's Secondary Ticker Display In Action

LG is expected to announce a device known as the V10 on October 1st. This is notable because the phone is rumored to have a second auxiliary "ticker" display above the main one. Thus far we've been left wondering what this would look like in practice, but a new leak from Evan "@evleaks" Blass makes things clearer.


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LG Is Having An Event On October 1st, Probably To Announce The Dual-Display V10


The LG V10 Appears At Chinese Regulator Showing Off Its Secondary Display

LG has been doing some unusual display things lately with the curved G Flex phones, but adding a second display to a phone has never, ever worked out well. LG isn't letting that stop it, though. The LG V10 has shown up at TENAA, the Chinese version of the FCC. This device has 5.7-inch screen, but above the main display is a small secondary one. This is happening, guys.

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