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[Deal Alert] LG Is Selling Batteries And Cradles For The LG V10, G4, G3, And Lucid 2 Priced As Low As $10 Each

The benefit of replaceable batteries is that you can replace them. This effectively doubles your device's battery life. I know. Mind blown.

Batteries can be pricey. Like other forms of phone accessories, you may want to wait for a sale before picking one up.

Oh look, what have we here?

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T-Mobile Begins Rolling Out LG V10 Android 6.0 OTA Update

T-Mobile declared that the LG V10 would get Marshmallow starting this week. Apparently the process has begun.

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Verizon Says The Marshmallow Update For Its LG V10 Variant Is Ready To Go

A bunch of LG phones have been upgraded to Android 6.0 over the last few weeks, and today it's the Verizon V10's version. According to Verizon's support page, at least: the company says it's now sending the over-the-air update to customers, though of course it could be a few days or even a week or two before it reaches every device. Software version VS99022A adds Marshmallow and... well, not much else. It's just Android 6.0 with LG's software skin on top.

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Marshmallow Starts Rolling Out To The International LG V10 In Turkey

LG's current portfolio of smartphones isn't that big, yet the company still struggles to keep even its flagships updated to the latest Android version. Take the G4 for example. The company announced Marshmallow would begin seeding to the device way back in October in Poland, but it took a lot longer to graduate to full roll-out. Sprint had it in December, US Cellular in January, while AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and the international variants got it in February. That was a gruesome wait, but it doesn't even compare to the LG V10.

We're just now hearing about the first instance of an OTA update rolling to the V10, and that's hitting the international variant for users in Turkey.

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ZeroLemon Releases A Giant 9000mAh Extended Battery For The LG V10 - Amazon Has It For $60

ZeroLemon, purveyor of enormous batteries and even bigger cases to the mobile masses, has another extended battery on offer. This time it's for the LG V10, the high-end phone with a weird little stock ticker screen above its primary panel. As with most of ZeroLemon's designs, it wraps around the entire phone with specific cutouts for buttons and ports. The extended battery is 9000mAh, exactly three times bigger than the V10's stock battery, and it's selling on Amazon for $60.

The V10 bucks the trend of slim and enclosed batteries in flagship phones, which means the extended battery can be attached directly to the phone's battery compartment without a pass-through port.

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CyanogenMod 13 Nightlies Come To T-Mobile LG G4 While LG V10 Gets Its First 12.1 Nightly

We've recently covered some odd releases for CyanogenMod on Android, where the custom ROM was resurrecting some forgotten devices from the dead with updates that their original manufacturers wouldn't dare release for them. This isn't the case with these additions / upgrades to the CM lineup.

First, the T-Mobile LG G4 (h811) started getting its first CM13 nightlies a couple of days ago. Given that Marshmallow is just now heading to the Tmo G4 officially, Cyanogen is keeping up with LG on this one — albeit with a probably less stable release.

Second, the T-Mobile LG V10 (h901) got its first nightly yesterday, but this time it's for CyanogenMod 12.1 which is based on Android 5.1.

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He Said, She Said: A Husband-And-Wife Experiment With The LG V10

It's no surprise that guys and girls do things differently when it comes to tech, but that couldn't be more true in my own relationship — the way I use my phone versus the way my wife does things is actually pretty dramatic, including what each of us looks for in a new phone. Where I want to know how the fast the processor is, how much RAM it has, and what the display's PPI is, she's more interested in how "good" the camera is and if it charges quickly for those times when our three-year-old inevitably kills the battery. (He's not allowed to use my phones, so I don't have to worry about that.

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T-Mobile Offers Buy One, Get One Half Off Prices On Samsung And LG Flagship Phones, But Not On The Web

Cars. Houses. Contracted electronics. These are items for which the old "buy one, get one" scheme rarely works. But since T-Mobile has ostensibly given up cellular contracts, it makes a sort of sense... at least if you're buying phones for more than one person on the same plan. The carrier is now offering a buy one, get one 50% off discount on all versions of the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S6 Edge+, Galaxy Note 5, the LG G4, and the LG V10, as well as the latest two generations of iPhones.

All colors and capacities sold by T-Mobile are eligible, and you can purchase up to 12 phones at a time(!) and apply the discounts.

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Verizon LG V10 Gets A Small Bug Fix Update


LG Says It Has Sold 450,000 V10 Units In 45 Days