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T-Mobile Offers The Entry-Level, Low-Resolution, 5-Inch LG K7 For $139.99

There are smartphones that you can get for cheap, and then there are cheap smartphones. The K7 handset that LG announced at this year's CES is decidedly the latter. It's now available from T-Mobile, and it will only cost you $139.99. In leasing terms, that's $5.84 on your bill for twenty-four months.

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LG Announces New Mid-Range K7 And K10 Android Phones, Successors To The L Series, Before CES

Android news tends to focus on the flagship phones from the largest companies, if only because they inform the direction of phone design for the following year or so. But it's important to remember that giant corporations like LG release dozens of new models in the same timeframe. The first two LG phones announced for 2016 are the K7 and K10, both being revealed before the enormous Consumer Electronics Show (which doesn't technically begin until Wednesday).

Both phones are quite few steps down from flagships, but noticeably above the entry level, much like the older L series that they're based on.

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