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The LG G7's questionable 'AI' and a screen notch aren't enough to stand out in 2018

The G7 comes at a time when LG is arguably less relevant than ever in the high-end smartphone space. The V30 seems to have fallen on deaf ears with consumers (so deaf that LG launched it a second time), while the G6 was forced to use an inferior processor, a handicap that wasn't offset by more competitive pricing. Things generally aren't looking great for LG's mobile unit - which has been losing money for years - and it hasn't done a lot to positively differentiate its products from its arch-rival, Samsung, whose phones seem ever-more technically advanced by comparison.

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LG confirms the G7 ThinQ will be announced on May 2nd, 2018

The last 3 or 4 years in LG's history have been nothing but baffling to me. I have difficulty understanding how the company that caught my heart with its G2 and G3 smartphones fell so badly in the me-too camp, trying to emulate what has worked for others (mostly Samsung) and hoping that would be a recipe for success. The latest ThinQ brand and push is one more symptom of the same ailment: LG saw that AI was everywhere and wanted to get it on the game. Forget about useful AI, it's another "we have smart things for the sake of smart things" gimmick. Sigh.

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LG G7 appears in leak with 'ThinQ' branding

Earlier this year, LG announced the 'V30 ThinQ,' a slightly-upgraded version of the V30 with the ability to detect objects in photos (which was later brought to the original V30). Then, just this week, Evan Blass reported that the company's upcoming flagship would be called the 'LG G7 ThinQ,' indicating it would have those same AI features. Now we have confirmation and more details, thanks to images from TechRadar.

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LG will reportedly stick with LCD screens for the G7

Rumors about LG's next flagship have been all over the place. LG was considering rebranding the G series, then the company reportedly started over on the phone. A device called the 'G7 Neo' was privately shown at MWC last month, which had a 19.5:9 OLED screen with a notch. Whatever phone ends up being the G7, it won't have an AMOLED display, according to a new report from The Investor.

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LG G7 (Neo) caught on video at MWC sporting Snapdragon 845 and 19.5:9 OLED display with notch

It's been very hard to follow LG's news regarding the future of the Gx series and what its 2018 flagship will be. We first heard that LG wouldn't be calling its next flagship "G7," then that LG has scrapped the in-development G7 for a completely new phone, and most recently that we'll see LG's flagship in June. That's all well and good, but this latest article and video shot by Israeli publication Ynet at MWC 2018 depicts a phone called the G7 (Neo). Interesting.

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LG's next flagship reportedly launching in June

Earlier this year, LG announced that it would no longer release smartphones on a yearly schedule, opting to launch new models "when it is needed." Shortly afterwards, a report from The Investor claimed that LG was starting over on its next flagship. And all the while, there were conflicting reports on whether the phone would be called the G7 at all.

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LG has reportedly scrapped the in-development G7, working on a new design

Despite the G6 and V30 being fairly good phones, LG's mobile division has continued to report losses year after year. Last week at CES, LG announced that it would no longer release smartphones on a yearly schedule, instead opting to launch new models "when it is needed." According to a new report from The Investor, LG CEO and Vice Chairman Jo Seong-jin told the company to start over on the upcoming G7 flagship.

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LG will no longer release smartphones on a yearly schedule

For years, LG has released flagship smartphones in tandem with Samsung, but its devices have consistently played second fiddle. Now, LG's Vice Chairman Cho Sung-jin has confirmed a significant strategy shift at the company. LG will no longer launch phones in the G and V series on a set yearly schedule. Instead, it'll launch phones "when it is needed."

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LG Pay reportedly launching in the US by June, will work on upcoming LG phones

According to an article yesterday published by Yonhap News Agency, LG is reportedly releasing its LG Pay service in the US by June. The report also claims that LG's upcoming G7 and V40 handsets will accompany the launch. For the unfamiliar, LG Pay service will enable users to make payments with supported LG devices on normal credit card readers, similar to the MST used by Samsung.

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LG allegedly rebranding its G-series of phones, won't be calling next flagship 'LG G7'

LG's been using the Gx naming scheme for a couple of years now, starting with the Optimus G in 2012 and continuing with the G2 in 2013, the G3 in 2014, and so on. The latest G-series phone, the G6, was launched in early 2017, meaning that it's due for a refresh. But according to a company official, LG won't be using that branding for the G6's successor, instead opting for something new.

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