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LG G7 ThinQ hits all-time low of just $295 at Amazon

As LG continues to roll out Android 10 to the G8 series and sets its sights on the upcoming G9, now is a lucrative time to pick up some of LG's previous flagship hardware for cheap. Today, you can buy a brand new, factory unlocked LG G7 ThinQ for only $294.99 — the lowest price we've seen — at Amazon.

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The LG G7 ThinQ is now as low as $365, almost 50% off its original price

Phones are usually discounted several months after they're released, but the LG G7's price started dropping only two months after it hit the market and continued on the same trend over the past year. The company's 2018 flagship has now hit a new low, as it's now selling for almost half is original MSRP.

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[Update: More carriers, T-Mobile] LG G7 ThinQ is finally getting its Android 9 Pie update

Back in January, LG rolled out the Android 9 Pie update to the G7 in its home country of South Korea, but users elsewhere haven't been so lucky. It's now finally hitting devices in the US — better late than never, I suppose.

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LG G7 drops to $430 ($320 off) with a free case at B&H

We're approaching the spring phone season, so last year's latest and greatest devices are starting to see substantial discounts. Well, the G7 started seeing substantial discounts not long after launch, but now they're more substantial. This phone is down to $429.99 at B&H, which is $100 cheaper than late last year and more than $300 off the launch price.

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T-Mobile Black Friday deals include 'free' OnePlus 6T and Galaxy S9 with eligible trade-in and new line, 50% off JBL speakers, and more

T-Mobile has taken the wraps off of its Black Friday deals. This year, the company is offering the OnePlus 6T, Galaxy S9, and LG G7 ThinQ for "free" (or up to $750 off other phones) with trade-ins of eligible phones and the addition of a new line, as well as some deals on Bluetooth audio products.

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[Update: Now on Amazon] LG G7 ThinQ now available for purchase in the US, here's where to buy it

LG's latest mainstream device is the G7 ThinQ, a phone that was subject to months of rumors before the official announcement. The G7 isn't particularly special, but it's not necessarily bad either. If you've been wanting to buy it, you can now order the G7 from all major US carriers (except AT&T, who wants to sell you the V35 instead) and several retail stores.

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3 of our favorite tech sales, discounts, and deals this week

Deal-hunting online is one of those seemingly harmless, fun pursuits that can quickly get out of hand. That tricky-to-satisfy urge to make sure you're getting the best value around is not at all helped by the existence of deals that come and go in a flash, tempting you to make some purchasing decisions right on the spot. While we've seen a few of those more ephemeral deals pass by this week, some sales have still managed to stick around, allowing you to make up your mind at a much more comfortable pace.

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LG says it came up with a notched phone before Apple

The Essential Phone was technically the first smartphone on the market with a notch at the top, but rumors of the iPhone X's design had already been circulating by that point. Now there are quite a few notched Android phones to choose from, including the Huawei P20, ASUS ZenFone 5, Oppo R15, and others. The newly-announced LG G7 also has a notch, but LG says it thought of the idea first.

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Using the LG G7's 'intelligent' camera sure is a lot of work

Smartphone manufacturers know that shoppers have a ton of options, so making your own offering stand out from the crowd is critical. But all too often we end up with a phone that feels like it was designed by its marketing department, with a smattering of buzz-hungry keywords that do little to impact the day-to-day user experience. Case in point: With the new G7, LG returns to the “AI” camera experience we first got to know on the V30S. And while it can occasionally be impressive, it also feels like a truly “intelligent” camera should be held to a higher standard than what we get here.

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The LG G7's 'Super Bright Display' dazzles, but should be smarter

LG has just launched its latest flagship, the G7 ThinQ. While we weren't really blown away by any of the phone's features during our initial hands-on, it does seem like a solid enough (if not jaw-droppingly impressive) smartphone, delivering some worthwhile upgrades to the LG family of handsets. Among those is the G7's new screen, and while we could obsess over the notch (as seems to be the trend), for the moment we're instead taking a look at the panel's high-brightness output.

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