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TWRP For The LG G5 (T-Mobile And International) Now Available

LG's phones have long been popular with people who want to play with mods, and now that can begin in earnest with the LG G5. This device now has an official build of TWRP ready for flashing. With a custom recovery, you can do all sorts of neat stuff.

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LG's Official Bootloader Unlock Tool Now Supports The G5 (Model H850)

If you want to make deep and lasting changes to your device, you need to unlock the bootloader. Not all phones can be unlocked, but you can add the LG G5 to the list of those that can. Well, the unlocked international G5 (H850). It's now supported by LG's official unlock tool.

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Benson Leung Won't Recommend The HTC 10 Or LG G5 Because QC3.0 Over USB Type-C Is Not Spec Compliant

This. Sucks. Benson Leung, the Google man who has been on a mission to debunk every faulty and non-compliant and wannabe USB Type-C cable and adapter sold on Amazon, has spoken rather harshly about two of this year's flagship Android devices: the HTC 10 and the LG G5.

Benson actually explained this issue in detail back in November of last year, citing the USB Type-C specification, which forbids proprietary charging methods from changing Vbus above 5V. And you guessed it, this is exactly how Qualcomm's QuickCharge 3.0 works: it can charge intermittently at 9V and 12V to achieve faster charging rates.

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[Weekend Poll] Galaxy S7, LG G5, Or HTC 10?

This weekend's poll is a good old-fashioned smartphone shootout in the simplest of terms: whose 2016 flagship do you think ranks supreme?

Samsung's Galaxy S7 showed up on the scene first this year, and it made a big splash (waterproofing puns aside). By going the Apple route and offering the "same" phone in two different sizes, Samsung's also allowing consumers a choice that LG and HTC are not with the G5 and 10, and I see a lot of big-phone fans opting for the S7 edge as their most recent smartphone upgrade choice. (Our review.)

The LG G5, well, you know I'm not its biggest fan (review here), but LG has a fanbase, and at least some of those fans can see something in the G5 that puts it over the top of its competitors this year.

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LG Announces New Line of 360-Degree Live Wallpapers For LG G5

Not all of the LG G5's "friends" are available in the US, but the 360 Cam is one of them. To indirectly promote that device, LG is releasing a dozen new 360-degree live wallpaper landscapes for the G5. You can download them from the SmartWorld app on your phone. And hey, while you're at it, maybe buy that 360-degree camera so you can make your own! Right?

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[Specs Comparison] The Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge, LG G5, And HTC 10

There are a TON of Android phone manufactures in the world. Yet, here in the US, only three have wide enough appeal to have their flagship devices sold by all 4 major US carriers (well, in HTC's case 3 out of 4). Those manufacturers are, of course, Samsung, LG, and HTC. Now that their 2016 flagships, the Galaxy S7/S7 Edge, LG G5, & HTC 10 have all been announced, many of you will be tasked with the unenviable mission of deciding which of these three devices will be your next phone.

To help you with that decision, I've prepared a comparative spec chart so you can see how these three devices measure up to one another.

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HTC Announces New Flagship - The HTC 10 - With World's First Dual OIS Cameras, 24-Bit High-Resolution Audio, Snapdragon 820, USB Type-C With QC 3.0 & More

HTC announced their new flagship this morning, the HTC 10. Full specs, along with images, promo videos, pricing information, and feature overviews were just uploaded to along with this introductory video.

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The LG G5 Is Just As Easy To Repair As The G4: Gets An 8/10 From iFixit's Teardown

The guys and girls at iFixit like tearing down gadgets, not for the thrill of shredding a poor phone in a blender or crushing it under 10 tons of bricks, but for scientific and nerdy purposes. They like figuring out how a phone is exactly built, how you can take it apart and put it back together, and how easy it is to fix at home for ordinary people who only have a couple of tools and enough common sense to follow instructions.

Most of the devices iFixit has gone through in recent times have gotten poor repairability scores. Thanks to the move to unibody designs and non-removable batteries, phones like the Galaxy S7 and Nexus 6P got a measly 2 out of 10 score.

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LG Releases App Drawer-Equipped Home 4.0 Launcher For The G5

LG took a lot of heat (deservedly) for its decision to remove the app drawer from its stock launcher on the G5. It eventually showed off a different version of the home screen in its recent UX 5.0 video. That one had an optional app drawer, and now that version (named Home 4.0) is available for download.

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LG G5 Now Available From All Five Major US Carriers

We've already told you about the LG G5 being available from AT&T for $688. And if you've been following the coverage, you know it was only a matter of time before the phone went live on other carriers' sites too. Well, it has. The G5 is now ready for purchase from all five major carriers in the US.

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