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The Nougat update is rolling out to the AT&T LG G5

On this quiet holiday Monday (in America), there's something notable happening on AT&T's network. The long-awaited Nougat update for Ma Bell's LG G5 has started rolling out. Check for the update on your device and you may well find success.

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LG knows that people are not interested in modular phones, so it will shift future focus to design and usability

Shockingly, LG has come to the conclusion that the mass consumer market is just not interested in modular devices — most especially when those modules require dropping more money in addition to the MSRP of the phone. And some of the modules were not exactly inexpensive. So, who's surprised about this? Anyone?

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Renders of the LG G6 appear, no Friends modules to be found

2017 is right around the corner (thank goodness), and that means new flagship phones. Courtesy of OnLeaks and Gear India, renders derived from CAD data of the LG G6 have been released, showing a black, rectangular, slab-like object.


I joke, but in all seriousness, this is a departure from the ill-fated and generally badly reviewed LG G5 and its modular concept. On the renders, we can see volume buttons, a rear-facing fingerprint scanner that doubles as a power button, dual cameras and flash on the back, bottom-firing speakers, a USB-C port, a headphone jack on the top of the phone, and what looks like a glossy, possibly glass, back, although other renders dispute this.

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Verizon LG G5 owners report that the Nougat update is arriving today

Normally we see Verizon post a service alert on its website well before any of its customers receive a new software update on their devices. Today the company seems to be breaking that long habit, but the affected users aren't complaining. According to posts on the dedicated sub-Reddit and XDA forum, the Verizon version of LG's modular G5 is being updated to Android 7.0 starting today. Huzzah, tally ho, three cheers, et cetera.

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LG starts rolling out Android Nougat update for the G5 in South Korea, other markets to follow

Mark it down, everyone: LG is the second OEM to start the Nougat rollout to its early 2016 phone, the G5. Seeing as the V20 launched with 7.0, LG already had a head start on the update wars this year. The catch here for most of us reading this is that the update is starting in South Korea. The claim is that the rest of the world will see it in the "coming weeks."

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[Deal Alert] eBay has the international LG G5 for $400 ($200+ off retail price)

Okay, so the G5's modular design hasn't set the world on fire in quite the manner that LG probably hoped it would. But aside from some of the foibles of its unique form factor, it's still a high-end flagship device with some of the latest specs and a great camera. And if you chop the original retail price down, it turns into a pretty good deal. Such is the case with this eBay listing, which is selling the international model of the G5 for just $399.99.

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As Samsung announces big profits, LG's mobile unit loses $132 million in Q2 due to slow G5 sales

LG's mobile business has regularly been on the knife's edge of profitability over the years, and after last year's lackluster G4, the company likely hoped the more adventurous G5 would help pay the smartphone arm's bills and, perhaps, even deliver a profit to the unit. Unfortunately, according to LG's Q2 2016 fiscal results released today, that effort has not paid off.

LG Mobile reported an operating loss of $132 million for the second quarter, the first full fiscal quarter the G5 was on sale in major markets (it launched April 1st here in the US). This is especially dismal given that it marks only a very modest improvement over LG's Q1 results for its mobile unit, which saw losses of around $168 million.

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[Update: Winner] Win an LG G5, UE Roll 2 speaker, and Tile locator from Android Police and AT&T

This contest is now over.

The final results are listed below. If you've won, you will be contacted in the near future. Congratulations!

Everyone else - keep participating and stay tuned to Android Police so that you don't miss our upcoming giveaway announcements. You can follow AP on Twitter, Facebook, and RSS.

Yotam Levine

Today, we're partnering with AT&T on an exciting giveaway: a chance to win an LG G5, UE Roll 2, and a Tile locator device. Want to win this rather tempting bundle (UE Roll 2 pictured below, by the way)? Just use the Gleam widget below to get started.

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[Deal Alert] B&H is offering the LG G5 with a free Watch Urbane or VR headset for $350 off

Want to know how Android Police feels about the LG G5? Well, we hate it. And we love it.

Okay, so we have mixed feelings. At this point you've made up your own mind about the phone. If you're ready to snag one, now might be the time to do so, especially if you also want an LG Watch Urbane.

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LG gives execs the boot and restructures mobile division following disappointing G5 sales

The LG G5 was announced earlier this year with an ecosystem of "friends" that were aimed at boosting profits in its troubled mobile division. After initially solid shipments of the G5, things have turned sour fast. LG has announced a major shakeup in its mobile division that includes firing some staff and the formation of a "program management office" to oversee product development.

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