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Google and LG share details on 1,443ppi OLED display designed for next-gen VR headsets

The virtual reality game is getting interesting, but the displays on the current generation of headsets are still getting in the way of truly immersive experiences. To solve this, Google and LG Display teamed up to produce an ultra high-resolution OLED panel intended for the next generation of VR headsets. This display was first discussed back in March, but it's now been officially unveiled at the Display Week 2018 expo.

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LG is reportedly planning to release its first OLED smartphone in Q3 this year

LG has been one of the manufacturers who has stuck with LCD panels on its smartphones. While they look great, they still can't hold a candle to what Samsung puts in its Galaxy S and Note phones. Likely hoping to change that, the smaller Korean OEM (in terms of smartphone market share) is planning to ship its first smartphone with an OLED display in Q3 this year.

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The LG G6 will have a 5.7" display with a weird aspect ratio, according to LG

Yesterday, LG's display technology division unveiled its new 18:9 5.7" "QHD+" LCD panel. While trying to say that is a mouthful (definitely a tongue-twister), the best part is that we will get to see it on the upcoming G6, which we hope is announced at MWC next month. 

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LG Display Shows Off Its Latest Smartphone LCD Panel With A Crazy-Thin .7mm Bezel

Move over, Sharp: LG wants to claim your crown for the "world's thinnest bezel." Modern smartphone designs are bumping up the screen and slimming down everything else, as evidenced by the latest flagships from, well, just about everywhere. LG is hoping to continue that trend with its proprietary "Neo Edge" design. The first production screen in the series is a 5.3-inch 1080p panel with bezels of just .7mm. That's about as thin as the graphite in a typical mechanical pencil.

Photo 1) World's Narrowest 0.7mm Bezel FHD LCD Panel

That's not quite as magical as it sounds. Like the screen on the eye-catching Sharp Aquos Crystal, the controller and connective layer for the screen still need to be embedded on one side, leaving that thin bezel around only three edges.

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