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LevelUp Studio's RSS Reader Palabre 3.0 Adds Customizable Appearance And Keyword Muting

Even with things like Flipboard and Google Play Newsstand, RSS readers still remain popular. Since Google killed the popular Reader service in 2013, RSS readers seem to have grown in popularity and usage. Today one of the major RSS apps available on Android, Palabre, is getting a massive update to version 3.0.


  • Custom colors (premium)
  • Text to Speech
  • Mute and notify keywords
  • History
  • Widget settings
  • Roboto font option for the articles
  • Offline mode improvements
  • Fixes and UI improvements

Screenshot_20160531-113338 Screenshot_20160531-113422

Right: list of articles, arranged in a tile fashion. Left: article view. When scrolled the options on the app bar disappear.

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Palabre 2.0 Gets A Visual Overhaul And Adds More News Providers Like Twitter, Inoreader, The Old Reader, And An SDK For Developers

When Google Reader got shut down a few years ago, I was in disarray. My entire work system relied on having an easy one-stop site to check all the news and articles that have been recently published instead of having to visit each source to check it out. As alternatives started spanning out, I tested a couple until I settled on Inoreader because it embodied everything Google Reader was (fast, reliable, simple, handy with keyboard shortcuts) without the bells and whistles of magazine views and images that often hindered my workflow.

The problem remains however that, unlike Feedly, Inoreader doesn't have a huge choice of Android apps.

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Palabre Is A New RSS Reader With A Simple, Material Design And Feedly Compatibility

Need a new RSS reader? Do you just want one that conforms to Material Design guidelines? Palabre might be for you. This simple, new app is fairly straightforward. You have a pretty interface with a little customizability and Feedly integration so that you don't have to rebuild your RSS lists.

Screenshot_2015-02-19-08-43-28 Screenshot_2015-02-19-08-44-43 IMG_20150219_085701

Overall, things look good enough that I'm going to forgive that mustard yellow hamburger menu. That shade looks nice and unique as an accent color throughout the rest of the interface, but it's a little too big of a dose there. Palabre isn't reinventing the wheel here, so don't look for any groundbreaking features - at least not yet.

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