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[Deal Alert] Samsung BOGO Offer Will Net You Two Black Level Box Mini Speakers For $80

In addition to making phones, TVs, and refrigerators, Samsung builds some pretty decent audio devices. David reviewed the bulk of the Level series (Samsung's name for their audio line) and came away pretty impressed with their build quality and sound performance.

One of the members of the Level family, the Samsung Level Box Mini, is part of a special BOGO promotion today on Samsung's own website. It's simple, buy one Level Box Mini for $80, get another free. Admittedly, the price is higher on Samsung's site than on Amazon (where it is $50), but with the BOGO promotion the speakers come out to $40 a pop.

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Google Play Games 2.0 Rolling Out With Level-Up Notifications, Revamped Inbox, UI Tweaks [APK Download]

If you thought (like me) that Update Wednesday had concluded, you thought wrong. It appears Google's also started pushing an update to Google Play Games, bringing the app up to version 2.0 with Level-up notification controls, XP rankings, and a few UI changes.

Readers may remember Quests and Level-up notifications from one of our exclusives last month. The functionality, along with Snapshots, was confirmed in the official announcement of Google Play Services 5.0. Today, though, Level-up notification controls are live, along with a new card on the "Play Now" screen showing users their XP level and how much XP they'll need to level up.

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Transformer Owners: Use These Handy Widgets To See The Battery Level Of Your Dock

The ASUS Transformer is a nifty piece of tablet kit, particularly because of its super-awesome keyboard dock that comes with its own extended battery. But Transformer owners have complained that they're essentially left in the dark about the status of the dock's battery - because by default the only battery status displayed is that of the tablet itself. This means that you'll just see a nice, full battery for hours on end until suddenly your little green bar starts to drop precipitously, indicating the dock has finally run out of juice.

Some would say this doesn't matter that much, but I can empathize - I'm kind of an info-nut myself, I like to know what's going on with my device, and if I had an external battery, I'd want to know the remaining power figures.

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How To Unlock The Super Secret Super Bowl Level In Angry Birds

The secret to unlocking the Super Bowl level inside Angry Birds has been hatched by zblanco4, a user over at the Angry Birds Nest, with a little clue to guide the way. Just as Rovio promised, the clue was planted in the Rio ad during Super Bowl - check it out below:


Detailed instructions have been left behind for the rest of us to join in on the fun. The requirements? Not much! As they are:

  1. Open level 13-12 of Ham ‘Em High
  2. Shoot the first Yellow bird anywhere
  3. Now shoot the White bird backwards and drop an egg on the back side of the hill
  4. If you hit the right spot the Golden Egg will pop up!
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Rovio Confirms Angry Birds Christmas Edition, Episode 5, New Birds, All Coming Soon

It may only be Thanksgiving, which consequently means that December 25 (Christmas) is still a month away, but it looks like Rovio Mobile, the company behind the insanely popular Angry Birds, is already stocking up on Christmas gifts. Yes, a Christmas edition of Angry Birds no longer exists exclusively in your dreams - @RovioMobile, the company's Twitter account, recently replied to this tweet from @SkeenaNC:

2010-11-25 17h58_46

with this message:

2010-11-25 18h00_58

What "new things," you ask? Finnish website yesterday acquired the following screenshot from what is presumably the Christmas version of Angry Birds:


That screenie does look a little squished, which could cause suspicion, but the company's Twitter account once again gave it all away:

2010-11-25 18h07_15

The fact that the first annual Angry Birds fan meetup is going down on December 11th has caused some to mark that as the date for the game's release, but according to

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Bug In Angry Birds Lets You Unlock All Locked Worlds

Have you ever wanted to peek ahead to those locked worlds in Angry Birds that are unavailable before fully completing the previous ones? A bug (or an Easter egg) in the Android version of the game lets you do just that, a reddit user braaaiins found. I tried it just a few minutes ago with 100% success.

Of course, many would argue that you should be going in order and playing the way Rovio meant for you to play, and I'd agree with them. However, there will always be people who would also find this unlock useful (lost game progress, new phone, angrybirdyism, etc), so I'll just put this here, and you can quietly walk away.

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