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Lenovo C330 Chromebook


The best cheap Chromebook around is just $250 ($50 off) right now

In a sea of poorly-built Chromebooks with low-quality screens, Lenovo's C330 is a surprisingly good machine. We reviewed it last year and gave it our 'Most Wanted' award, and now you can get it for just $249.99 from Newegg and Amazon $50 off the original price.

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Lenovo C330 review: The best 'cheap' Chromebook money can buy

High-end Chromebooks have been attracting all the news recently, but it's products like this, Lenovo's C330, that bring the platform back to its roots. For many, the appeal of a $700 Chromebook is lost if all you need is a cheap internet-connected machine for the kids, kitchen, or grandma. But historically, those cheap Chromebooks have had a bundle of compromises to weigh and compare. Thankfully for the budget-conscious, Lenovo's C330, with its IPS display and surprising build quality, makes arguably the fewest compromises for a sub-$300 Chromebook.

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Lenovo announces premium Yoga Chromebook and two budget models

Lenovo has made plenty of Chromebooks in the past, but just about all of them have been low-end models. The market for premium Chrome OS devices has really taken off over the past year, and just yesterday, Dell announced its first high-end Chromebook. Lenovo just unveiled three new Chrome OS laptops, including the first Yoga-branded Chromebook.

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