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[Update: Not GeForce Now after all] Nvidia Shield TV arrives in China with remastered Wii and GameCube titles

The Nvidia Shield TV is unquestionably the best Android TV box you can buy right now, especially if you're looking to do some gaming. Earlier today, Nvidia announced that the Shield is coming to China, but the selection of games is particularly interesting. At the launch event, the company revealed that the Shield would offer remastered Nintendo games from the Wii and GameCube eras.

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Nintendo reportedly bringing The Legend Of Zelda to Android

The Wall Street Journal has reported that Nintendo and DeNA are teaming up once again in order to bring us Android gamers a new title in The Legend of Zelda series. Honestly, this isn't much of a surprise seeing how well their latest Zelda game has been selling for the Wii U and Switch.

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Oceanhorn, a Zelda-inspired premium action adventure game, sets sail for the Play Store

The Legend of Zelda has inspired a lot of games over the years, and why not: it's the quintessential fantasy action-adventure. Nintendo literally sells millions of dollars worth of hardware each time they release a new one. And while a full Android release for the storied franchise is but a pipedream at the moment (especially with the way Nintendo seems to be cuddling up to Apple as of late), indie developer Cornfox & Bros. is more than willing to pick up the slack with Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas.

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