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LG V50 5G going up for pre-order at Sprint, 50% off lease for a limited time

Verizon's Galaxy S10 5G is officially launching today, making it the first carrier to market with a 5G phone in the US. Sprint isn't far behind with its LG V50 5G, today announcing that it would be available for pre-order tomorrow. Plus, for a limited time, Sprint is slashing 50% off its lease price.

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[Deal Alert] The LG V40 is now only $10/month to lease on Sprint

The LG V40 is a very good phone, but it's really only worth considering if you can get it for a good deal. It normally costs $40 per month (over 18 months) to lease on Sprint, but there was a special preorder price of $20/month. Now there's an even better deal — the V40 is just $10/month on Sprint until November 1st.

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Sprint offering two-for-one deal on Galaxy S8, but beware the fine print

The Galaxy S8 is starting to trickle out to those who pre-ordered, but Sprint is offering what sounds like a very good deal for anyone still on the fence. Starting tomorrow, you can get two Galaxy S8 smartphones (not the Plus) for the price of one, which seems great. Like with all things Sprint lately, there's a ton of fine print that you need to factor in.

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Two-Year Service Contracts (And Phone Subsidies) Are Back From The Dead At Sprint

Remember when Sprint said that it wouldn't be offering the tried and true two-year phone contracts anymore? Yeah, not so much. Fierce Wireless reports that the carrier is once again offering two-year service contracts, and the Sprint Wireless website bears this out. New phones are being sold with a significant discount, up to 100%, in exchange for customers signing a promise not to stop paying for 24 months. Everything old is new again.

If you'll recall, two-year contracts fell out of favor after T-Mobile made a big show of discontinuing them as part of its "uncarrier" initiative in 2013. Instead T-Mo started promoting a new payment program which allowed customers to buy phones in installments with interest-free financing, very much like European carriers have been offering for years.

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Sprint Ditching 2-Year Contracts This Year, Will Only Sell Leases And Full Price Phones

Is the 2-year smartphone contract dead yet? Not technically, but it probably won't hang on much longer. Sprint is the latest carrier to announce it's done with the contract approach to selling phones. This comes just days after Verizon made the same announcement. T-Mobile, of course, has been doing this for several years.

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