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[Freebie Alert] The Android Game Developer's Handbook is free from Packt for 24 hours

Packt Publishing has been doing a really cool Free Learning promotion for... Wow, almost two years now. Anyway, Packt is giving away a free technology-focused eBook every day. All you have to do is register an account and claim the book before the time is up and a new title replaces it. After that, it's yours to read online or download in one of three DRM-free formats. We thought a few people might be interested in grabbing today's selection: The Android Game Developer's Handbook.

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[Freebie, but hurry] Android Game Programming by Example is free from Packt

Packt Publishing has been doing something pretty crazy for a little over a year by giving away free developer-oriented eBooks from its collection every day. Well, almost every day – they took a few days off last month. All you have to do is create an account and drop in on the web page to claim each book before the timer runs out. If you've been thinking about developing a game for Android and want a book to guide you through some of the ins and outs, hurry over to Packt right now and claim Android Game Programming by Example before it's gone.

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[Freebies & Deals] Packt Publishing Launches Android Week With 70% Off Deals And Free eBooks Every Day

Packt Publishing ran a contest last week to find out which mobile OS had the most love from fans. You'll never guess which won. Okay, maybe you can guess–we wouldn't be posting about it if iOS had won. Android took the win by a landslide with 87% of the vote. To celebrate, Packt is holding Android Week with 70% off on twenty great titles about Android development, not to mention giving away a free eBook every day.

The sale has switched to 70% off instead of 50% off.

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[Freebies And Fighting] Packt Is Kicking Off Android vs. iOS Week With Free Xamarin Cross-Platform Dev eBook And Promises Exclusive Deals To The Winning OS

Remember back in December (and January) when Packt Publishing gave away a couple free ebooks focused on Android development? The one-a-day promotion has been going strong since, but the books haven't exactly been targeted at the OS on our phones. But great news: this whole week is dedicated to mobile development!

The current freebie is all about showing love to both sides of the phone war – it's Xamarin Cross-platform Application Development. But you better hurry over and claim it, this particular book will expire in just over 5 hours. (Sorry, we saw this one a little late).


While the free book is enough reason to drop by, there's something more interesting afoot in this promotion.

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[Freebie Alert] Packt Is Giving Away Android Application Programming With OpenCV, Today Only

In the spirit of Amazon's Free App Of The Day promotion, Packt Publishing has been unleashing a free eBook from its massive library of content each day for the last month. There have been a couple of notable development books in the lineup including the Android NDK Game Development Cookbook and Android Database Programming. Today brings another nice surprise with Android Application Programming With OpenCV by Joseph Howse.

If you've never heard of OpenCV, it's a popular open source "computer vision" library designed for efficient, real-time processing. This is a great platform for live object tracking, photo capture, image manipulation, and more.

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[Freebie Alert] Packt Is Giving Away Another Book: Android Database Programming, Today Only

A couple of days ago, we pointed out a free eBook giveaway from Packt Publishing that involved a copy of the Android NDK Game Development Cookbook. Another great book just turned up and we wanted to give another shout out so everybody could jump on it before the offer was gone. Today's freebie is Android Database Programming by Jason Wei, first released in 2012. It's targeted at developers that already know something about database development, but focuses on building and optimizing a data-driven mobile app with SQLite and Google App Engine.

To score a free copy of Android Database Development, make sure you're logged into Packt's website (accounts are free), then go to the Free Learning promotion page and hit the big button to claim your copy.

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[Freebie Alert] Hurry: Packt Is Giving Away The Android NDK Game Development Cookbook For Free

If you're reading this, chances are you know more about the topic than I do. I am not a developer, and although I have always wanted to dabble a bit with app and game development (at least when it comes to the basics), I can almost never find a single free minute in the day for me to do that. But I'll do my best to explain what this book and deal are all about.

Packt, a publisher of technology related ebooks, is giving away one free eBook each day until January 3rd. I suppose it's part of the holiday spirit.

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