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Hands-on with TV App Repo: Create a shortcut for any non-Leanback app on your Android TV

Google put in place a few restrictions when it comes to apps and games on Android TV. You either download the app through the Play Store on the TV itself or you browse through your computer and install remotely. And even in that case, there are plenty of apps that show themselves as compatible from the web Play Store but when installed are nowhere to be found in Android TV's Leanback Launcher. Usually, that means the app isn't fully optimized for Android TV, but it could still be properly functional (with remote and/or controller compatibility), except for the fact that you can't access it by default.

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Android TV's Leanback Launcher Now Lets You Reorder Your Apps In Version 1.1.4 [APK Download]

Nexus Player owners are starting their week with plenty of goodies to enjoy. Yesterday saw the rollout of the Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow factory images for their set-top box, and now its Leanback launcher is getting updated to a new version with a small but useful change: they can now re-order their apps!

Android TV launcher version 1.1.4 might not be live in the Play Store for everyone yet, but you can grab it from APK Mirror and install it on your Android TV device (regardless of whether or not it's running the new 6.0.1 Marshmallow update). Once you do, you can long-press on any app in the launcher, which then goes into a sokoban-like mode allowing you to move it and slide it into other positions on your app grid, and even delete it.

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[APK Download] Google Play Store For Android TV 5.5.15 Lets You Browse For All Compatible Apps And Games

Android TV has a serious app discovery problem, and it's the built-in "leanback" version of the Google Play Store. Before today, the Play Store on your TV only showed curated apps selected by the powers that be at Google, so between the video, audio, and game sections, there were less than two hundred apps on display for users. You might get the impression that these were the only Android TV apps available - the rest had to be manually searched for in the search function of the main leanback launcher.

Google Play Store_20150603_122221

With version 5.5.15, that finally changes. New sections of the Android TV Google Play Store are now visible beneath the curated portion, and based on a quick run-through, it looks like every compatible app for your ATV device is exposed.

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Google Play Music v5.7.1780Q Rolls Out With Recent Activity And Recommendations On Android TV, Adds ADT-1 Support [APK Download]

Anybody who owns an ADT-1 has noticed the inexplicable absence of a Play Music app, something that became even more apparent after the Nexus Player began shipping with it. Well, the wait is finally over! An update to the Play Music app began rolling out earlier today, and it includes a banner on the Leanback Launcher for those of us with Google's development hardware. If you've got a Nexus Player, you haven't been left out with this update. You've now got access to a list of recently played tracks and recommendations, just like you would have on a phone, tablet, or the web.

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