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The Next Version Of Android Wear Will Reportedly Include Watch-To-Watch Communication And Interactive Faces

We've been hearing rumblings about an Android Wear update coming out in the next few weeks, and now Phandroid has some info on what might be included. The next update will have two main feature additions—a watch-to-watch communication system and interactive watch faces.


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Moto G 2015 Press Renders Leak Ahead Of Official Announcement

It's getting to be the time of year when Motorola announces its new smartphones, and the 2015 Moto G has been especially leaky. We've seen some blurry-cam shots and a dark video so far, but now the HD press renders have leaked courtesy of TechnoBuffalo.

Moto-G-2015-Leak-TechnoBuffalo-1 Moto-G-2015-Leak-TechnoBuffalo-2

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Google's New Photos App Will Get More Transparent Settings For Photo Backup

We've already taken an extensive look at all the options and interface changes in the new and unreleased Google Photos app that should be decoupling from Google+ and hitting our devices sometime down the line, and now it's time to peek behind the scenes at the app's settings, specifically its backup options.

With the current Photos app, the first run asks you to enable or disable photo backup and asks whether you want to use cellular networks or not.

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The New Google Photos App Will Automatically Group Your Images By Faces And Recognized Objects Like Cars, Skylines, And Food

Google's current Photos app uses some image processing smarts to piece together auto-awesome compilations and Stories, but the new Photos experience pushes the limits of computer vision. Not only does it pick out and identify faces, it recognizes objects like cars and food. It's not perfect, but it's sometimes creepily accurate.

Screenshot_2015-05-24-17-13-57 Screenshot_2015-05-24-17-14-11 2015-05-25 17.26.24 2015-05-25 17.23.00

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The New Google Photos App Will Include Photo And Video Link Sharing With Privacy Controls

We gave you an overview of the new Google Photos app earlier today, but there's a lot more to see than can be covered in a single post. We're breaking some of the new features out so we can go over them in detail. First up, the new link sharing component of Google Photos. Not only can you share photos or videos in a snap, you can preserve some of your privacy while doing it.

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Alleged ARM Leak Reveals Five Upcoming 10nm And 16nm CPU Cores

A leaked slide posted to the Chinese social networking service Weibo claims to show what ARM has in store for the next generation of reference designs. There are five total Cortex cores, all with codenames taken from Greek mythology. Some of them include manufacturing process information, but others are lacking in detail.


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Sony Xperia Z4 Leaks Pick Up As T-Mobile Halts Sales Of The Z3

It would seem Sony is still engaged in the bizarre ritual of releasing a slightly tweaked version of its flagship smartphone every six months or so. The alleged Xperia Z4 has leaked repeatedly in recent days, and now it looks like T-Mobile might know something we don't. The carrier won't sell you a Z3 anymore, because apparently that phone is yesterday's news.

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HTC One M9+ Leak Looks Like Someone Took An M9 And Beat It With The Ugliest Ugly Stick Ever Snapped Off The Ugly Tree

There were a few leaks of a larger version of the M9 in advance of the announcement, but it didn't show up back at MWC. Still, it looks like this phone is still going to be released in the Asian market. New images of the M9+ have been leaked, and it's not an attractive device. I realize design is subjective, but 4 out of 5 AP staffers think this is a truly ugly phone.

proto-htc-one-m9-plus-01 proto-htc-one-m9-plus-02 proto-htc-one-m9-plus-03

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[Update: New Pics/Specs] Alleged Xperia Z4 Image Leaks Onto Twitter—Spoiler: It Looks Like The Z3

Sony announced the Xperia Z4 Tablet at this year's Mobile World Congress, but for information related to its phone of the same name, we're still clinging to leaks. Fortunately, our eyes may have now caught a glimpse of the upcoming flagship. @OnLeaks has posted an image of what he claims will be the Xperia Z4.

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Don't Trust Case Manufacturers For Device Leaks: HTC One M9 Edition

We are rapidly approaching that fun time of year when the largest Android smartphone manufacturers unveil their newest flagships. That means we're already in the silly season of rumors and leaks. Isn't it interesting to follow all the developments on, say, the HTC One M9? The M7 was great, the M8 was's understandably hard to wait for official information about the 2015 iteration. However, whatever you do, do not look at product images from case manufacturers like Spigen to learn what the next phone will look like.

Remember when famous tipster @evleaks posted these supposed renders of the M9?


The supposed M9 is on the left.

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