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The Dual-Display LG V10 Leaks In Full On The Eve Of Announcement

For a guy who's retired from leaking, Evan @evleaks Blass sure does leak a lot of stuff. For his latest OEM-annoying trick, Blass has posted high-resolution images of the LG V10, which is supposed to be announced tomorrow. In case you missed it, that's the dual-display phone that's been popping up in recent weeks.

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Leaked Document Reveals Full Nexus 5X Specs, Confirms 2GB Of RAM

With less than a day to go before Google announces the new 2015 Nexus phones, a document has leaked with full specs for the Nexus 5X. We already got the details on the 6P from the previous slideshow leak, so now you can see how they stack up. Perhaps the most relevant item confirmed by the leak, there's just 2GB of RAM in the 5X as previously rumored.

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[Exclusive] Behold The Leaked Press Renders Of LG's Nexus 5X In White, Black, And Greenish Blue

We've already gotten a good look at the Huawei-built Nexus 6P, but what of its smaller sibling, the repeatedly leaked Nexus 5X from LG? We've got a full image of that one too. It's definitely the more attractive of this year's two Nexus phones, but at least you've got a choice this time—we usually only have one.

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[Exclusive] The Nexus 6P Colors: White, Black, Aluminum, And Gold

The Nexus 6P isn't as mysterious as it was yesterday thanks to the leaked image and the picture of the box we posted earlier, but what about color choices? We've got that covered. Above you can see the four color options for the Huawei Nexus.

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[Exclusive] Here Is The Nexus 6P In All Its Glory, Front And Back

We're only a few days away from the new Nexus announcement, and it's prime time for some leaks. We've already revealed the Nexus 5X and 6P boxes (along with confirming the names), but what about the phones themselves? Well, we've got a high-resolution press image of the Nexus 6P, and it is indeed that phone that was leaked a few weeks ago with the black bar on the back.

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New Leak Shows The LG V10's Secondary Ticker Display In Action

LG is expected to announce a device known as the V10 on October 1st. This is notable because the phone is rumored to have a second auxiliary "ticker" display above the main one. Thus far we've been left wondering what this would look like in practice, but a new leak from Evan "@evleaks" Blass makes things clearer.


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The Unannounced BlackBerry Venice Shows Up In 4-Minute Hands-On Video

BlackBerry has been coy about its mobile plans as of late, but there's little doubt the company is getting ready to give Android a shot with the Venice. This portrait slider has been leaking all over the place, and now we're getting our best look at the device yet with a 4-minute hands-on video courtesy of a Canadian phone retailer called Baka Mobile.

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[Update: Different Angle] Best Leaked Image Of LG "Nexus 5" (2015) Yet Appears To Show Near-Final Hardware In White, With Fingerprint Scanner

The image you're seeing above is the LG "Nexus 5" (Nexus 5X is in the running for the retail name), leaked by AndroidPIT this morning. We can confirm the image is legitimate.

The only detail I'd note that might be wrong on this image is that we'd previously seen an LG logo along the bottom of the device (below the Nexus logo), though it's possible this will only appear in some markets or that it was removed from the final design of the device.

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The LG V10 Appears At Chinese Regulator Showing Off Its Secondary Display

LG has been doing some unusual display things lately with the curved G Flex phones, but adding a second display to a phone has never, ever worked out well. LG isn't letting that stop it, though. The LG V10 has shown up at TENAA, the Chinese version of the FCC. This device has 5.7-inch screen, but above the main display is a small secondary one. This is happening, guys.

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Sony Xperia Z5 Leaks On Video Ahead of Expected Announcement, Could Offer A 4K Screen Option

Sony kind of announced the Z4 a few months ago, but now it's moving quickly toward a do-over with the Z5. There will actually be three phones called Z5, which could be announced in a few days at IFA. You don't have to wait, though. A video from the French site Clubic was leaked showing off the Z5 in moderate detail.

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