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Image Of Alleged Moto E Pops Up On Facebook Ahead Of Announcement

Motorola is set to have an event in just a few days on May 13th. Rumor has it the company will announce the Moto E, an even more affordable Android device targeted at developing markets. You don't have to wait for the official unveiling to get a glimpse of the device. A user apparently posted a pic of the Moto E on Motorola Mexico's Facebook page.


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Leaked Photos Of The Purported LG G3 Show That the Smartphone Gold Rush Is Far From Over

We've steered clear of many of the rumored photos of the upcoming LG flagship refresh, if only because they weren't very good or very clear. But the latest spy shots from GSM Arena look like the real deal: an "LG G3" that brings the company's top-of-the-line phone back in a bigger and more evolved form. Oh, and it's gold. Very, very gold.

gsmarena_003 gsmarena_004

Compared to the international version of the G2, this phone looks a little bigger and less rounded, and the front façade has been given an overhaul with a case-colored insert beneath the glass screen.

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Upcoming HP SlateBook 14 Is A Laptop Running Android With A Tegra Chip Inside [Update: Video Pulled]

OEMs have tried a few times to make Android work in the notebook form factor, but the closest anyone has gotten is the Transformer line from Asus. Those are tablets first, though. The HP Slatebook 14 is a straight-up laptop running Android, and it's starring in a video demo posted by HP. Update: It looks like HP wasn't ready to spill the beans quite yet. It pulled the video from its site for the time being.

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Leaked Screenshot Shows Alleged Android 4.4.3 Dialer Redesign

Some interesting screenshots have just appeared on XDA that purport to show a new look for the Google Dialer in Android 4.4.3. The contacts are arranged in a series of cards with contact photos instead of a traditional list. It's quite a departure from the current look.

15u6tj dbsl0o

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Kyocera Brigadier For Verizon Leaked By @evleaks, Might Steal The Ugly Crown From Casio G'zOne

There is an unspoken rule that a ruggedized phone must be ugly as sin. The leaked Kyocera Brigadier sure looks ruggedized, as evidenced by the less than attractive design. What's it look like? Imagine a Casio G'zOne, but perhaps even uglier.


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Google Accidentally Tweets Screenshot Of Updated Dialer App With Blue Action Bar

So the Google Nexus Twitter account was doing some impromptu support for a user and included a screenshot. How helpful! Well, more helpful than they intended it to be. The screenshot shows a slightly tweaked dialer app with a blue action bar. First they took our #33b5e5, now they're coming after the gray. Actually, I think I'm okay with that.

Blc6gTvCYAAWb6t Screenshot_2014-04-21-18-43-11

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Upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 Renders Posted By @evleaks

Samsung is about to launch the much anticipated Galaxy S5, and you could be forgiven for thinking the renders below are of a GS5 at first glance. But no – it's allegedly the upcoming Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 courtesy of @evleaks.

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Motorola Accidentally Posts (Then Removes) Image Showing 7 Band Options For Moto 360

Lurking on Motorola's Moto 360 product page was an image you weren't meant to see. Hidden from view, was a promo graphic showing the selection of watch bands. It was later removed from the page completely. Only metal and a light brown leather band were announced last week, but this image shows seven leather straps.


It looks like the image was not ready for public consumption – there's a snippet of Lorem Ipsum above the title.

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New HTC One (M8) Makes Another Appearance In 14-Minute German Hands-On Video Before Its Official Announcement

HTC might have been cool with a handful of M8 leaks to stir up interest, but this is probably not what the Taiwanese company had in mind. For a second time, the new HTC One has taken center stage in a video hands-on. This time it's 14 minutes long and entirely in German. We do not speak German.

This video really digs into the software experience and shows off that dual-camera.

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The New HTC One (M8) Will Reportedly Go On Sale The Day Of Announcement

HTC has an event scheduled for March 25th where it will announce its very leaky flagship device for 2014. According to a press release from UK retailer Carphone Warehouse, the new HTC One (M8) will be on sale immediately following the announcement. That's one way to head off Samsung.


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