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A new, cheaper Google Wifi router is in the works

Google's latest Nest Wifi routers are rather expensive, but unique: They serve as both a Wi-Fi access point and a Nest Home speaker at the same time. However, many people already have tons of Google or Nest Home Minis lying around as Google likes giving them out as gifts or bundling them in with other purchases, so the Wifi access points don't necessarily have to be equipped with the Assistant for everyone. Google seems to be thinking the same thing, as 9to5Google has uncovered that the company might be working on an updated version of its original Assistant-less Wifi mesh router, the Google Wifi, potentially going for as little as $99.

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Specs for the US version of the OnePlus Nord have leaked, and they look pretty good

The OnePlus Nord didn't make it stateside at launch, but OnePlus said that a separate model in the Nord line would come to the US down the line. Speaking with an insider source, Android Central has obtained details on this US-model Nord, dubbed the Nord N10 5G.

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Google Pixel 5: Pricing, specs, release date, images, and everything else we know

Google has just announced that we have a September 30th Pixel event to look forward to. In the wake of the Pixel 4a's resounding success, expectations are high for the flagship follow-up. The pace of leaks has also picked up, and though some details are still unknown, and there's some disagreement about the particulars, we probably know most of what to expect from Google's upcoming Pixel 5.

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The Galaxy S20 Fan Edition is coming to Verizon, leaked renders reveal

We've already seen some renderings of the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition, but thanks to some not very well-disguised 360-degree views hosted on Verizon's website, we now know that this S20 Lite of sorts will be coming stateside. The phone will come in three pretty eye-catching colors.

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LG confirms 'Wing' name for dual-screen phone, leak shows swivel mechanism in action

We've already seen LG's different-for-the-sake-of-being-different Wing leaked in two videos, but LG has just published a video teaser for the highly unusual phone. It's slated to be unveiled September 14th.

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Moto G9 Plus photos and specs leaked by carrier listing

Motorola usually releases a "Plus" version of its Moto G-series phone, though a Moto G9 Plus was absent from the Moto G9 announcements late last month. If you were hoping for more details on a larger G9 variant, you'll be glad to know that the Orange carrier in Slovakia has prematurely published its G9 Plus product page.

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The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 revealed in full in this review video

We basically already know almost everything there is to know about the Galaxy Z Fold2 following two hands-on videos, but now yet another review video popped up on YouTube (picked up by SamMobile), giving us an even more detailed look at Samsung's upcoming foldable.

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Flex mode features for Galaxy Z Fold2 leak in hands-on video

We've been anticipating Samsung's foldable follow-up for months now. The company officially announced the Galaxy Z Fold2 5G at its Unpacked event on August 5th, and earlier this week TENNA published photos of the foldable phone when it passed certification in China. Now we've got a video that shows off all angles of the upcoming device thanks to a post on TikTok.

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Google Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G appear in new leak with alleged specs

The Google Pixel 4a was just released, and even though this year's other Pixel phones are only a few months away, there still isn't much public information about them. Google teased both phones on the Pixel 4a's release day, but now we have alleged real-life photos and specifications for the devices.

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Four new Pixels, including the 5a and a foldable, pop up in an internal Android document

After a massive delay, Google has just introduced the Pixel 4a along with giving us a glimpse at the Pixel 5 and 4a 5G. But of course, companies have incredibly long development cycles when it comes to hardware, so it's no surprise that Google is already working on follow-up products. According to an internal Android document obtained by 9to5Google, the company already has software builds for the Pixel 5a, a foldable, and two more, not further specified devices.

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