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Chrome 76 breaks Incognito Mode detection, supports site dark themes, and even sneaks in a Tron reference

It has been around a month since Chrome 76 entered the Beta channel, and right on schedule, it has graduated to the Stable branch. The new browser is now rolling out on all platforms, including Android, and it's one of the largest Chrome updates we've seen in a long time. Let's dive right in!

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Chrome Beta 76 adds lazy loading for images, supports site dark themes, and even sneaks in a Tron reference

Chrome 75 was just released earlier this month, and right on schedule, Chrome 76 has entered the Beta Channel. This version is fairly massive, with plenty of changes that have been in the works for months. Without further ado, let's jump in!

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Google Chrome to support lazy loading by default, starting with version 75

With ever heavier and more complex websites, protocols like lazy loading are a gift from heaven – they allow sites to only download images and iframes the user sees, leaving out those that are out of view. While that has been possible through JavaScript libraries for years, native implementations should always be favored, since they're the least resource hungry. This is exactly what the Chrome team has been working on for the last year, with first hints in February and a test on Canary that started in August. Now, Google announced that it will enable it by default starting with Chrome 75 stable in May.

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'Lazy loading' feature to speed up browsing now available in Chrome Canary

Web pages are becoming more and more complex, but browser vendors have been hard at work trying to offset that with performance and caching improvements. For example, Service Workers allow sites to cache certain data locally to speed up load times (or work offline entirely). 'Lazy loading' is another performance enhancement that has been in development, and now it has arrived in the Canary channel of Chrome.

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Chrome might begin testing a built-in Lazy Loading mechanism for images and iframes

The Chrome team seems to always be working on many ways to quicken page loading times and speed up our access to information. The latest proposed test, which hasn't been implemented yet, is a built-in Lazy Loading mechanism for images and iframes. According to the Google Chromium group, work is underway to test and implement this new feature in Chrome for Android.

What Lazy Loading really means is that the page you open will only load images and iframes above the fold (what you can see), thus speeding up the process so you're not stuck waiting for something at the bottom of the page to load.

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