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Google Wifi adds app shortcuts, prepares batch testing and something called port opening in BV10144 update [APK Teardown]

If your home or business is keeping wireless devices connected through a Google Wifi, you'll be getting an update to the companion app today. The new version brings a pair of app shortcuts for those of us using it on Android 7.1 or above, but that's about it for visible changes. A teardown adds to the subject with hints of a new batch testing feature and settings for something called "port opening."

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Google Translate v5.16 adds proper names for several regional dialects, prepares to add app shortcuts [APK Teardown]

Google Translate is getting an update today, but it looks pretty light on features. The main changes appear to center around properly labeling languages. Nine dialects are getting proper names, and it seems the term 'dialect' is going out of style, so Translate is now saying 'region' everywhere. A look through the APK also shows that we can look forward to app shortcuts in the future.

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Google+ v9.23 adds app shortcuts for quickly starting new posts [APK Download]

Most updates to the Google+ app tend to fit the "bug fixes and performance improvements" theme, but last month's release of v9.20 did bring custom notification channels for Android 8.0 Oreo – but maybe not the ones we needed. Today's bump to v9.23 makes a similarly subtle addition with support for a slightly older OS feature: App Shortcuts. If you're running on 7.1 Nougat or above, or using a custom launcher with support for static app shortcuts, you'll now have the option to quickly start a few different types of Google+ posts directly from your launcher.

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[Android 7.1 Tip] Get rid of the Play Store on your home screen and use the 'My Apps' shortcut instead

Odds are you have the Play Store on your home screen for easy accessibility, but have you ever considered not having it? I don't mean you should dig into the app drawer every time you need to open the store, but perhaps the regular Play Store link isn't the most efficient. If you're on Android 7.1, maybe you ought to replace it with the My Apps shortcut.

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Action Launcher makes Quickcuts free, implements more of the Pixel and Android 7.1's features

It's fun to see developers duking it out — peacefully — over who adds the most new features first. Action Launcher's and Nova Launcher's devs are a great example. And it's all for the good of the platform and early adopters. Take Android 7.1's launcher app shortcuts. Action Launcher was the first to add them preemptively, Nova Launcher followed by enabling them even on earlier versions of Android, and now Action Launcher is implementing gestures with them to let you open the app shortcuts pop-up and select one of the shortcuts in one go.

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