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[Update: Swag and discount included, plus ticket sales being donated] $40 will buy you a ticket to the OnePlus 5T launch event in Brooklyn on November 16th (and more)

As enthusiasts, we enjoy watching livestreams to learn about the latest devices as live events are happening. But if you had the opportunity to actually attend such an event, would you pay to go? You might want to ask yourself this question, as OnePlus will be offering tickets to its OnePlus 5T unveiling on November 16th in Brooklyn, New York for $40 a pop.

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The VR Cardboard App For The OnePlus 2 Launch Is Now Available, Invitation Details Posted As Well

We pretty much know what the OnePlus 2 will look like thanks to a regulator leak earlier this week. And we know all of the important technical details thanks to piece-by-piece updates from the company itself. But if you still feel the need to tune in to the announcement on Monday, July 27th, OnePlus would really like you to do so via newfangled virtual reality. They've just posted the official Google Cardboard app for the livestreaming announcement.

You can't do anything with it yet. It isn't time. But you've got between now and Monday to get a Cardboard set from a company promotion, or a late night talkshow host, or a pornography company.

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We'll Be There - Samsung Throwing A Mobile Event Announcing Media Hub And The Latest Android Device On September 16th

Yesterday, Samsung sent out invites for a media launch event happening in NYC on September 16th. 2 announcements are planned:

  1. Official unveiling of Samsung's new Media Hub service and
  2. Showing off the latest Android-powered device.

Android Police gratefully accepted the invitation and picked me to cover it, so expect a post-game report to float on the site sometime after the event concludes.


While we do not yet know for certain what this new "Android-powered device" will be, the invitation does include the "Galaxy S" brand logo. Speculation is abound that the device being announced will be the hotly anticipated Galaxy Tab, the 7" Android-powered tablet device.

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