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New Google Maps filter helps you see a location's most recent photos first

As an explorer, traveller, or just curious person, one of the greatest tools in your arsenal is Google Maps. Whether you want to check out a restaurant before visiting it, a hotel before booking it, a touristic place before taking time out of your crowded trip schedule to visit it, or you just like browsing various places to see what they look like, Maps is there to help. But there's often one question I ask myself when viewing a place listing: ok, that looks good, but what if the photo was taken three years ago? What if it's under renovation, or has deteriorated?

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Google Maps is showing a new Photos section in the Explore tab

With a redesign to bring it in line with the latest Material Design guidelines and a renewed focus on curated content, Google Maps is now a very different beast. The latest addition, spotted by one of our readers, is a Photos section in the Explore tab.

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