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Latest Lastpass Update Fixes Broken Autofill In Chrome Beta

If you were a Lastpass Premium user before earlier today, you may have noticed something peculiar: the latest Chrome Beta update broke autofill. This was especially obnoxious if you used the feature frequently, but today we deliver good news: Lastpass fixed it.


Apparently the feature was killed in Chrome when Google patched a bug that allowed any app to open a web page and silently load JavaScript, which is potentially dangerous.

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[Updated: Partly Expired] Deal Alert: Get One And Half Years Of LastPass Premium For Free - Even For Existing Users

Update: The six-month link has now expired. As for the full year offer, well, some existing users are reporting that it isn't working for them either. That promotion is now aimed at new or potential users.

The majority of features that the LastPass password manager offers are available for free, but users still need to go premium for $12 a year to get the full package. That's not an exorbitant fee by any stretch, yet there's a way to put this off for up to a year and a half if you rather save yourself the money.

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Latest LastPass Update 3.2.3 Fixes Broken Automatic Password Fill On Samsung Devices

Just a quick update for Samsung device owners who, like me, found that the LastPass app fill was unable to fill any passwords after the very exciting 3.2 update. The latest version 3.2.3, which just popped up on the Play Store, specifically addresses this bug:

What's New


Fix app fill on Samsung devices. Please contact our support staff if you still have issues.

I've confirmed that the fix indeed works by successfully logging into both the Amazon app and the Amazon site in Chrome Beta on my Note 3:



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LastPass Updated To Version 3.2 With Automatic Password Entry For Apps And Chrome Browser

Few -if any- password managers have gained a following quite like LastPass. It's secure, extensively cross-platform, and easy to use. When up-and-coming competitor PasswordBox hit the scene last month with the ability to insert login credentials directly into native apps, it left many LastPass users anxiously requesting the same feature. The wait is finally over as LastPass for Android has been updated to enable automatic fill-in for apps and Chrome.


LastPass blocks screenshots within the app, thus the photos


Like PasswordBox, LastPass is using the Accessibility Services API in Android to enable automatic fill-in.

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Looking For An Easy Way To Log In To Sites/Apps On Your Mobile Device? Check Out PasswordBox's New One-Tap Login Feature

I only know one password: my master password for LastPass. There's absolutely no possible way I could ever memorize all the passwords I have across various sites on the internet (well, maybe I could, but I don't want to). Simply put, password managers are a godsend.

If you're not into LastPass for whatever reason (or just looking for something new), it may be time to check out PasswordBox. It's basically on par with LP when it comes to price ($12/ year) and having you covered across multiple devices (Android app and Chrome extension), but as of the most recent update to the Android app, it also boasts a feature that LastPass can't hold a candle to: one-tap logins.

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LastPass Gets A Massive Update To 3.0, Is Finally Holo-fied

I've tried a lot of different password managers over the years (and even covered using KeePass and Dropbox to stay in sync on Android as one of my first posts on Android Police – nostalgic!) but switched to LastPass many months ago. I find it to be one of the easiest cross-compatible methods of keeping my passwords in sync across all of my devices. The one downside, however, is that the Android app (and web UI for that matter), is pretty hideous.

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