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[Update] LastPass 4.0 Is The First Major Release Since LogMeIn, Adds Emergency Access And A New Sharing Center

LastPass has received its first major point release since LogMeIn opened its wallet, and it comes over two years since the last one. In November of 2013, LastPass jumped to version 3.0 with a redesign that made it Holo-friendly. Having gone Material back in April for 3.4, the 4.0 update introduces more than a design refresh (though a bit of that is here too).

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LogMeIn Acquires LastPass Password Manager For Over $110 Million

LastPass is one of the more well-known password managers out there. Now it's one that's joining LogMeIn. Both companies announced the acquisition earlier today. The buyer paid $110 million upfront with up to another $15 million payable in contingent installments dependent on retention and other markers over the next two years.

LogMeIn, despite having a name that already sounds like a password manager in its own right, is primarily known for its remote access software. From a corporate perspective, this sounds like a good match, but some LastPass users have already filled the announcement post with negative comments expressing their disappointment. Several have complained of LogMeIn's bad customer service and price hikes.

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Android M Begins Locking Down Floating Apps, Requires Users To Grant Special Permission To Draw On Other Apps


Floating apps have become emblematic of Android's unique flexibility and range. No other mobile OS allows non-system apps to directly interact with users and overtake the screen while another app is supposed to be in the foreground. This capability allows for a powerful and customizable user experience, but it can also quickly become a problem if an app is poorly implemented or its developer abuses this privilege for malicious purposes.

Android 6.0 Marshmallow is setting some new rules for drawing on the screen. Starting with Developer Preview 3, apps targeting API 23 (or above) will have to ask users to grant permission for them to draw on top of other apps.

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LastPass Is Now All Ready For Marshmallow's New Permissions Model And Android 6.0 Fingerprint Readers

Android Marshmallow may not have officially arrived yet, but that means now is the time for developers to get their apps in working order. That's what the LastPass folks have done.

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LastPass Free Is Now Available On Mobile Devices For New Users, But You Have To Pay To Switch From Phones To Tablets Or PCs

Using LastPass on anything more mobile than a PC used to be a perk reserved exclusively for paying customers. We couldn't call it all that much of a luxury, considering that at $12 a year, LastPass Premium costs about as much as a short trip on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. But now you won't even have to pay that much to start managing your passwords on your Android phone or tablet.

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LastPass Faces Security Breach, Prompts Users To Update Their Master Passwords

Just before the weekend, LastPass came across some suspicious activity on its network. It closed off the security breach, but only after the bad guys had made off with some personal information. The incident serves as a reminder of the risks inherent with trusting a company and web service with your security.

Screenshot 2015-06-15 at 4.32.04 PM

The team found no evidence that any encrypted vault data was taken. This means you shouldn't have to change passwords on sites that you've stored in your LastPass account.

That said, some email addresses, password reminders, authentication hashes, and server per user salts were compromised. As a result, LastPass is prompting everyone to update their master passwords (and you should go change your password if you've reused it on any other sites). The company is also requiring all users who log in from a new device or IP address to first verify their accounts unless they have turned on multifactor authentication.

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LastPass Joins The Material Party, Adds A FAB And Reorganizes Everything

LastPass users, the day you've been looking forward to is finally here. The tool you rely on to keep your online life secure has finally gone Material. If you check the Play Store or have automatic updates enabled, you'll see LastPass is now available with a fresh coat of paint and significant improvements in every corner of the interface. All of the menus and settings screens have been reorganized to be cleaner and more readable, a navigation drawer provides access to all of the app's features, and a brand new floating action button makes additions more intuitive.

2015-04-10 06.26.082015-04-10 06.50.592015-04-10 07.09.47

While a few things have been moved around a little bit, the app hasn't really changed all that much.

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[Deal Alert] $185 Worth Of Productivity App Subscriptions Including Pocket Premium, LastPass, And More For $59.99

Feeling unproductive? Maybe all you need is some apps to help you along. Perhaps you'll even want to buy a premium subscription to services you find particularly useful, but that adds up. For a limited time, you can get a one-year subscription to four solid services for $59.99 with the new Productivity Pack.


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(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ Lastpass For Android Just Got Significantly More Annoying, But Here's How To Fix it

I love Lastpass. I've been using it for over a year at this point, and I fear I can no longer live without it. A few months ago, the Lastpass Android app gained the ability to detect password prompts on the web and in apps and offer suggestions for autofill - much like the browser extension does. It worked well enough, though was kind of buggy. Still, the convenience outweighed the annoyance, so I think we all gave it a pass.

But now, something terrible has happened. In an attempt to make the autofill feature "more reliable," Lastpass has released a chathead-like feature called App Fill Helper that makes it even easier to find login credentials.

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LastPass 3.3 Update Brings Shared Folder Management, New Options, And Bug Fixes

Version 3.3 of LastPass has hit Android devices, and it's delivering a couple of nice things to users. Shared folder management snags the top spot on the ol' change log. Now I hear you, "LastPass isn't a cloud storage provider, so why do I need to share folders?" These aren't for storing files in the traditional sense. Instead, they provide a place for people to securely exchange sites and notes with others. This update works with Shared Family Folders and LastPass Enterprise.

This update also introduces a new setting that re-prompts immediately after the screen is locked.


There's also the option to use a Synaptics fingerprint scanner on phones that have them.

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