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LastPass Families is a new way to securely share information with your loved ones

Password managers are becoming ever more popular the more we manage our lives online. Thankfully, there's a trend toward being more security conscious, and LastPass is a great way to get around the issue of having too much important information to remember. If you're doing it right, and don't just use "Password1234" for everything, LastPass can remember all your login credentials, and its cross-platform apps make them easy to access from anywhere. Now, the company is introducing a new service aimed at family members who need to share data securely with each other.

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[1Change ManyDeceits] 1Password betrayed users, disappointed security experts by moving from license and local storage to monthly cloud subscription

For as long as I remember, 1Password has been a popular albeit expensive password management solution. Before LastPass and Dashlane came into the picture, most password managers relied on an encrypted locally stored file that you could only open with a master password if you had physical access to the device it was saved on, with clunky manual syncing options between different devices. There were no subscription models (you just paid for the app), no cloud storage, and no security risks unless your device itself was compromised. 1Password kept that model for years, adding some cloud syncing solutions like Dropbox for those who didn't want to keep manually syncing their file, but sticking with the app-based pricing.

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LastPass Authenticator can now back up your two-factor data online

It's a dangerous internet out there, full of ne'er-do-wells who want nothing more than to get into your personal data. The best way to stop them is to enable two-factor authentication (2FA) on your accounts, but managing your 2FA tokens can be a pain. Now, LastPass Authenticator can sync your 2FA data in the cloud so you can get the login codes on any of your devices.

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LastPass chimes in on Android O's Autofill API

One of the many new features in the Android O Developer Preview is the Autofill API, which allows apps to fill in text fields automatically. Many people immediately thought of password managers when the API was announced, and shortly after the Dev Preview went live, 1Password whipped up a demo of using the feature.

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LastPass makes multi-device access to your passwords free

They always tell you to use long, complex passwords, and to never reuse passwords on different sites. Sure, but how are you supposed to remember all those? With a password manager like LastPass, of course. There are other options, but LastPass is one of the big names, and now the free version of the service is even better. You can access your passwords on multiple devices without upgrading to premium.

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[Deal Alert] The Pocket Productivity Pack Is Back With Discounted Subscriptions To LastPass, Wunderlist, Pocket And More

Pocket created a bundled deal for productivity services last year, calling it the Productivity Pack. The deal is back now with a new list of bundled services. The price is a few bucks higher, but there's a lot more in this year's pack. It's $69.99 and includes six full-year premium subscriptions.

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LastPass Releases Its Own 2-Factor Mobile Authenticator App [Update]

LastPass is known for keeping your passwords safe, but these days a password sometimes isn't enough. That's why many services have implemented 2-factor authentication (2FA) to secure your account. Now, LastPass is getting into 2FA with its own authenticator app called (predictably) LastPass Authenticator. Please ignore the iPhone above. It's on Android too.

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Enpass Password Manager Adds Browser And App AutoFill, With Full-Time Fingerprint Support In Version 5.0

It's no secret to many of you that I'm a fan of Enpass Password Manager, and last month some of you were able to grab the app for free thanks to a momentary deal and try it out to see if it worked well for you. But whenever I've mentioned Enpass on Android Police, one of the most asked questions and requested features was autofill support. The developer had promised it would come in version 5.0 and today is that day.

Before talking about auto-fill, there's one important modification in Enpass regarding fingerprint support. Previously, the app was able to unlock with a fingerprint, but only when it was already running in the background.

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1Password For Android Hits Version 6.0, Gets Redesigned And Fingerprint Reader Support

Password protection is no joke, and if you can remember all of your passwords, then you're doing something wrong. The most likely option is that you're using the same password (or a few variations) across every site on the web. That's not a thing anyone should do.

Thankfully there are apps like 1Password to help you out with the whole password thing — no one should have to remember 1600 different passwords, and keeping them stored in a note-taking document is basically a terrible idea. Locking them up in a vault is the only way to go.

With the most recent update, 1Password's vault just got a lot better, too.

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[Deal Alert] Get Enpass Password Manager's $9.99 Pro License For Free Today

When we wrote about our favorite apps to use during 2015, one of my picks was Enpass Password Manager. Many of you had lots of questions about that choice, asking me to explain my reasoning behind not liking LastPass or to compare Enpass to other similar solutions. If you were intrigued by Enpass then and wanted to either give it a try or at least look into how it works, now's your chance to do so. Enpass' Pro mobile license is free to unlock today on Android and all I can say is that I've been happy with it for almost a year and I don't regret plucking the full $9.99.

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