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[Update: Now in stable] LastPass beta supports Android 10’s biometrics API, enabling face unlock for Pixel 4 owners

LastPass is just one of many password managers out there, though it has one of the most generous pricing schemes to offer. Its Android application has always been fairly modern and is known to quickly include new OS features in its beta, like Oreo's autofill API and Marshmallow's new app permission model. Today, the firm continues this commitment by announcing it'll support Android 10's biometrics, meaning you'll be able to unlock the app with Pixel 4's face authentication.

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Myki review: A great offline password manager with the convenience of a cloud solution

Password managers are becoming more and more of a hot topic nowadays. We live a lot of our lives online and that requires a growing number of accounts and identities; yet with multiplying security risks and hacks popping up left and right, it's crucial to use a password manager to stay on top of your login details. Most managers fall in one of two categories: the cloud solutions like LastPass, 1Password, and Dashlane, or the local solutions with a cloud backup option like Enpass (my personal favorite) or SafeInCloud or Keepass. Myki straddles the line between the two, being neither this nor that, but having resemblances to both, plus some very unique attributes that make it intriguing...

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LastPass finally gets support for Oreo autofill, keeps accessibility option

LastPass began its winding path to support Android Oreo's autofill API in August, but the day is finally here: The popular password manager has pushed support for Oreo autofill to its stable, non-beta app. Accessibility-based autofill is still available for older apps (and Chrome) that don't yet support the new implementation.

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LastPass Beta updated with support for using both accessibility and Oreo autofill, plus fewer unneeded prompts

LastPass is how many of us choose to store our passwords, and the Android app is usually fast to support new Android features. If you want even faster access, there's the LastPass beta release. That one has just been updated with more robust autofill support—both accessibility-based and the new Oreo implementation at the same time. You should also get fewer autofill prompts when you don't need them.

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LastPass' 2FA Authenticator app found to be partially insecure, fix incoming

A few days back it was revealed by a security researcher in a post on Medium that the LastPass Authenticator app for 2FA key generation wasn't entirely secure. Access to the keys was ostensibly secured by a PIN/fingerprint, but a workaround was found that allows anyone with the ability to launch an activity on the device, including other installed applications, to access those codes. LastPass has fixed this problem in an update today.

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LastPass updates Android app to support Microsoft's Edge browser [APK Download]

As Microsoft's abandonment of Windows phone continued apace this year, the company moved to release more of its core apps on Android, and that included its Edge browser. It's been pretty successful, with more than one million installs, probably due to the "continuous browsing experience" it offers Windows 10 users. Now, there's even more good news for fans of the app.

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LastPass unaffected by Google's accessibility app purge

Last week, Google began sending out emails to Android app developers regarding their use of Accessibility APIs. The intended purpose of that functionality is to assist disabled users, but it is often used for other functionality (to overlay content, fill in text fields, etc) by apps like LastPass. Google said that apps using this API for anything except helping disabled users would be removed from the Play Store.

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LastPass releases separate beta listing on the Play Store to test autofill in Android Oreo

When Google released the final version of Android Oreo in late August, one of the most useful new features was the new Autofill API. This is essentially a system-wide solution similar to the way autofill works in Chrome, and that's something that can save us all a lot of time.

Developers need to get their apps ready for the new API, and password manager LastPass was one of the first to come out and say it was in the works. A public beta was opened up, but it seems this maybe wasn't the best testing solution given the beta app has now been given its own listing on the Play Store.

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LastPass launches public beta with support for Oreo's autofill API

One of the more exciting features in Android 8.0 is support for autofill providers; apps that can drop in your username and password without a bunch of clunky workarounds. The catch, however, is that apps need to be updated with this feature in mind. LastPass is already readying Oreo support, and you can check it out now in the new public beta.

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LastPass has moved two previously free features to the paid plan and doubled the price

LastPass is one of the most popular password managers on the market, but it's getting a price hike today. It's going to be twice as expensive going forward, but the good news is you're getting some more features for the money. The bad news is those features used to be free. Users of the free account won't be completely losing out, though.

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