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Diamond glass, lasers, the FBI, Huawei, and burgers - finally, a smartphone story with everything

Yesterday, Bloomberg Businessweek published a piece about a recent FBI investigation against Huawei for potentially attempting to steal trade secrets from an American company, this time with a serious twist: The tech that may have been stolen doesn't just apply to phones, it could also be used in weapons. The complicated story weaves its way from San Diego to Chicago and Las Vegas, recounting Akhan Semiconductor's attempts to license to Huawei its new Miraj Diamond Glass — a layered material alleged to be 6 times stronger and 10 times more scratch resistant than your current phone's Gorilla Glass, but with potential applications in powerful military lasers.

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Official HTC 10 Promo Video Leaks Ahead Of Announcement

HTC is going to get up on stage tomorrow to announce the HTC 10 knowing that we've all seen it from every possible angle. It must be weird to have a phone so thoroughly leaked before announcement, but it's not over yet. There's another leak, this time an official promo video.

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'Bik' Is A Retro Space Adventure About A Boy Who Gets Abducted By Aliens

When I was a kid, I loved camping. As an adult...well, I still like it, but I don't get to go that often for various reasons. Like work. And life. And some other thing. Of all the times I've been camping, I remember one in particular: I got abducted by aliens. There were tests, I made some friends, and maybe saved the world.

OK, that didn't really happen. But if it did, I imagine it would play out a lot like Bik, a new game from Zotnip. You play the part of, um, Bik, a kid who gets abducted by aliens.

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[New Game] OverLight Alpha Lets You Have Fun With Lasers, Without The Warning Labels

Ask any mad scientist worth his fortress of evil: lasers are awesome, shark-mounted or otherwise. This has been the basis for many a shoot-em-up game (see our Hyperwave review for a good example) but they've been lamentably absent from the puzzle genre, until now. OverLight uses a series of lasers and prisms to mix up the conventions of falling block and match-3 puzzles, with no small amount of visual flair. It's available now on Google Play for one dollar.

Lasers can come from all four directions, heating up and eventually breaking the glass panels, but not before being redirected through them.

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Final Angry Birds Star Wars Trailer Is Released, Shows Off More Lasers, Wookiees, And No, Nothing About Episode VII

Yes, we know, Disney bought Lucasfilm. No, there aren't going to be any spoilers about the plot, director, amount of direct involvement from George Lucas, or any other details about the upcoming Episode VII movie, no matter how much you (meaning me) want there to be so you (again, me) can stop worrying. What we do have is birds with force powers, giant flying fuzzballs, and, allegedly, the droids you're looking for.

Now that we can see a bit more of the gameplay, it looks like this is going to share some similarities both with the basic, land-locked Angry Birds game, as well as Angry Birds Space.

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Disney Releases Where's My Perry? A Puzzle Game Based On The World's Most Popular Platypus Detective

If you're either a fan of Disney's animated show Phineas and Ferb, or you simply prefer your detectives have evolutionarily curious anatomy, you'll want to pay attention. Where's My Perry? is a new game from Disney centered around Perry, also known as Agent P, a super sleuth that's just as comfortable on land as he is in water. Which is handy, because you need water in all of its forms to solve the puzzles in this game.

The game is actually pretty clever and great for kids, as you need to convert H2O between its various forms to complete puzzles by using various lasers.

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