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Tony Fadell Is Leaving Google's Nest Division, Moving Into An Advisory Role At Alphabet

Tony Fadell announced today that he is leaving Nest, having run the company - which was bought by Google in 2014 - since its founding in 2011. According to a post by Fadell on the official Nest blog, his departure has been in the works since late last year. Marwan Fawaz, previously of Motorola and Charter Communications, will be taking over Fadell's role as CEO at Nest going forward.

Nest hasn't had a particularly easy time of it lately. In fact, Fadell himself has been at the center of some decidedly negative attention in regard to how the company is managed, as well as the relatively slow pace at which it has released new products.

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Forbes' Interview With Sundar Pichai Hints At An Uncoupling Of The Various Google+ Entities, Further Monetization Options On Mobile, And Google's Future Strategies

The Czar has spoken. After his anointment as Google's Senior Vice President of Products last October, which put him in charge of Chrome, Android, search, ad technology, Google+, Maps, social, commerce and infrastructure, Sundar had been operating in incognito mode, occasionally letting loose a few tidbits of information, like Inbox' deployment to Apps users. In a recent interview with Forbes, the man behind most of the things we talk about here on Android Police has answered some interesting questions regarding his vast portfolio of products, tried to put an end to a few concerns, and remained mum about other issues.

On Google+

The most intriguing section of the interview starts when Google+ is addressed.

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Re/code: Sundar Pichai Is Now "Czar" Of Product At Google, Will Control All The Things

According to Re/code, an organizational reorganization will see Sundar Pichai, head of Chrome and Android, appointed as "czar" of all Google's major products. This includes ads, Search, research, Google+, Maps, commerce, and infrastructure. These duties previously fell on CEO Larry Page. Page will retain his leadership positions, though, at Nest, Calico, Google X, corporate development, finance, and business. Page will also most likely retain final say in most decisions he chooses to be involved in, being CEO and all.

Pichai will remain in charge of Android and Chrome, but his role is obviously vastly increased now. The reason for the change?

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Stephen Colbert Goes On The Offensive Against Google Search And Fights For Every Inch

American political satirist and future host of The Late Show Stephen Colbert is five feet, eleven inches tall, ever so slightly taller than the average United States male. Allegedly - we've only got his truthy word for it. So when Colbert Googled himself on the toilet and found that the search engine's automatically-generated answer to the question of his height was a mere 5'10", he became upset. In the way only he can, which is to say, immediately suspecting a conspiracy to bring him down from the lofty height of 71 inches to merely 70.


After Colbert challenged Google and its 5'11" CEO Larry Page to modify the results, then repeated his challenge on Twitter in nautical miles...

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Larry Page On Apple's Thermonuclear War: 'How Well Is That Working?', Also Facebook Is 'Doing A Really Bad Job On Their Products'

It's hard to argue that Google hasn't been a significantly different company under Larry Page's leadership. If nothing else, it has certainly become more directly competitive. Mountain View has generally (though not always ) preferred to be passive in its approach to other companies, allowing the product to speak for itself (whether for good or ill), rather than outright antagonize others. Apparently all that reservation was just saving up for when Page would take the helm and let the zingers fly. In a Wired interview, the CEO had this to say on the subject of Apple:

Wired: Steve Jobs felt competitive enough to claim that he was willing to “go to thermonuclear war” on Android.

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The Ultimate Google I/O 2012 Preview

Google I/O is coming and it's time to get excited! It's like Christmas in June! It will be here in just a few short agonizing weeks - and we need to prepare. There is background information you need to know, rumors you should have in mind, and past announcements and acquisitions that need to be remembered. Google always leaves little news breadcrumbs for those that pay attention, and I pay attention. Fanatically.

This post will be part news recap, part rumor roundup, and part speculation. The last time I did this went pretty well, and now it's time for another look at what the little elves at Google HQ are working on.

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Google And Motorola's Shotgun Wedding Is Final - And It's Definitely Going To Change Things For Android

Today, Google announced that its acquisition of Motorola Mobility had officially closed. Make no mistake, this merger is something of a shotgun arrangement - and the offspring conceived out of wedlock is Android. So, how did we get here, two and a half years after the first DROID?

A Brief History Of Motorola And Android

Motorola was once Google's model manufacturer partner. At least in the US, it produced what was the most popular "first generation" Android smartphone, the original Motorola DROID. The OG DROID was responsible for "hooking" many people on the operating system, whether through endlessly modifying and tweaking the device, or simply for its stellar build quality and reliability (those things were little tanks), it was truly the work-horse that first brought Android into the hands of a large number of people here in the US.

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[CES 2012] Motorola To Stop Flooding The Market With Thousands Of Phones

"More wood behind fewer arrows."

That's the phrase Larry Page used to describe Google's recent shut down of underperforming products. Stop flooding the market with crap, and focus on fewer, higher quality products. Now it seems Motorola has somehow gotten the exact same idea.


AllThingsD reports that Motorola "plans to release fewer new models this year, in an effort to concentrate its marketing dollars." I hope they are concentrating their design, polish, and update efforts too.

Motorola's release schedule since they jumped on the Android train has been absolutely insane. Their 2011 US product lineup looked something like this:

  • Droid 3
  • Droid Bionic
  • Droid RAZR
  • Atrix
  • Atrix 2
  • Admiral
  • Electrify
  • Droid X2
  • Photon
  • XPRT
  • Titanium
  • Triumph
  • DEFY+
  • CLIQ 2
  • Xoom
  • Xoom Family Edition
  • Droid XYBOARD 10.1
  • Droid XYBOARD 8.2

Now this list is in no way definitive, but it should give you an idea of the crazy incremental one upmanship Motorola has been betting on.

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Larry Page Shifts Google Executives, Bumps Andy Rubin Up To SVP In The Process

It didn't take long for Google CEO Larry Page to start making drastic changes to the way the company does business once he got in the saddle earlier this week. As of today, he reportedly promoted seven of the top executives in the company, including Android's own Andy Rubin. It has been suggested that Page is making these changes in order to streamline the company's decision making process, something that he feels has slowed dramatically over the years.

In an effort to return the company to a startup mindset, Rubin, along with the other six newly promoted execs, will now report directly to Page.

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