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[Update: To combat misinformation] WhatsApp is getting a new label for forwarded messages


Contacts v2.6 redesigns labels and continues building toward a new Cleanup Wizard [APK Teardown]

Welcome to a brand new update to Google Contacts. It's actually not all that different, but there are a couple of tweaks to contact pages, particularly to labels. They look a bit better and take less space. A teardown also turns up more progress for an upcoming Cleanup wizard feature. We're still looking for more changes, and as always, you can join in by grabbing the latest update from the download link at the bottom.

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Todoist lets you pin projects, labels, and filters to your favorites

I use the task manager Todoist every day to stay on top of my pending orders at the pharmacy and I have learned every trick in the book to make the most of it. There's one feature, however, that I never knew I needed this much until it begun rolling out to beta testers last week and started making its way to the stable app today: Favorites.

I have multiple projects and labels to manage, and often find myself on the web app either reaching for the pointer to manually switch between them or using keyboard shortcuts to get to them.

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Google Announces And Demos Chromecast Support, Shared Albums, And People Labeling In Google Photos

Last week Cody tore down Google Photos 1.5 and saw what was on the way. We then got confirmation yesterday. Now Google has shown the features off for the world to see.

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Trello 3.1 Adds Support For Unlimited Labels, Complete With Five New Color Options

Trello is a virtual whiteboard of sorts that you can use to organize projects of all shapes and sizes. The latest version of its Android app contains a couple label-related enhancements to help out with that. For starters, you can now create an unlimited number of them.


While you're at it, you can assign each label a different color, including four new ones. Make that five, if you count the addition of a new color-less one.

Labels are what it's all about with this update, so if you want to take in those features a second time, here's the full changelog. Just know that the end may cause involuntary groaning.

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