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11 Android widgets that are actually useful

Widgets have long been one of the more unique features of the Android operating system, allowing your various homescreen panels to be more than just a grid of little icons. You can set aside space for functional (and occasionally, actually attractive!), dynamic tools that do everything from control music playback or show you to the weather, to monitoring your phone's CPU and data usage stats. But as widgets have generally declined in popularity, it's become a little tougher to find ones that remain actively supported and, at the least, don't openly clash with modern Android's design aesthetic. Here are 11 of our favorites.

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Miss the Spotify widget? You can bring it back with Tasker and KWGT

Earlier this week, Spotify unceremoniously killed its Android widget, taking away home screen-based controls for the streaming service. Odds are that most of you didn't notice — or if you did, you probably didn't care too much since you can still use the ongoing notification's controls during playback — but for those that were upset at the loss, there's a workaround. Using Tasker and KWGT, you can re-create a convincing approximation of Spotify's lost widget.

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What We Use, 2018 Edition: The stuff Ryne can't live without

I've been here at Android Police for over a year, now, fighting my way up the ranks and RSS feeds. So far I've succeeded, and having the opportunity to spend my days writing about technology has been incredible. As a result of that, I've accrued a ton of hardware and software, much of which has become an integral part of my workflow and life.

So here's a peek at all the stuff, personal and professional, that lets me do me.

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