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Pulse SMS v4.8 beta adds support for Smart Replies [APK Download]

Google introduced Smart Replies with its short-lived Reply app over a year ago. Since then, the tech has been added to more prominent apps from the company such as Messages, Gmail, and Hangouts Chat. The Smart Reply API was only made available to third-party developers a few days ago, but Klinker Apps has already gone ahead and incorporated it in the latest beta of its popular Pulse SMS app.

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Talon for Twitter open-sourced by Klinker Apps

Talon is my favorite Twitter client, since it offers many more features than the official app all while looking prettier — it also helps that I happen to like the developer, Luke Klinker, and his work. But earlier today, he announced that he had open sourced one of the most popular Twitter clients, just like he did with the previous version a few years ago.

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Talon Twitter Client Adds Bundled Notification Support For Android N And Wear

Android N is going after the notification shade in a big way, and one of the primary examples is notification bundling. This feature expands an alert to show each individual new message recently received. The Hangouts 8.0 update shows this functionality in action.

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Klinker Apps Brings Source News App Out Of Beta, Gives Talon For Twitter (Plus) KitKat Support, And Kicks Off Two-Day Sale

The Klinker brothers have hit today in the face with a one-two punch. First, they've brought Source out of beta, where it's been for several months. This material-y app gives users a way to consume news from a variety of sources, including Feedly, RSS feeds, and Twitter lists.

Fans of Klinker Apps will find that theming options are present here like in the development team's other apps, and careful attention has been paid to making sure that everything looks nice. There's also Android Wear support.

As a second treat, Klinker Apps has added KitKat support to Talon for Twitter (Plus), the updated version of an app that originally launched for Android 4.4 but moved on after Lollipop was announced.

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Source Is A Beautiful News Reader App From Jacob Klinker, Now Out In Beta

I hear you. We have plenty of news curation apps on Android and we don't need yet another one. But despite the countless options, there's still room for an app that does its job well, looks good at it, and doesn't try to reinvent the wheel with algorithms and predictions that inevitably fall short of their promise.

Source might be this app. Coming from Jacob Klinker of Klinker Apps, the same guy who brought us the Talon Twitter client, the Blur launcher, and EvolveSMS, Source already has a reputation to live up to. It's out in beta, an extremely early beta if you ask me, and you can join in to try it out and give your feedback to Jacob right away.

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Klinker Apps Releases Blur, A Launcher Replacement That Turns Apps Into Google Now-Style Homescreen Pages

Developer Klinker Apps, the folks behind the Talon Twitter client and the EvolveSMS messaging app, have just released Blur, a free launcher replacement that takes the approach introduced by the Google Now Launcher and opens it up to other apps. With Blur, any app that adds on support for the launcher can have its own dedicated page that rests right on a person's homescreen. In practice, this means users can swipe to the left to access their Twitter feed, text messages, a basic calculator, or a dedicated Google Now page that the Klinker brothers MacGyvered to imitate the GNL. More pages are hopefully on the way.

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Pushbullet's EvolveSMS Integration Is Live, And It's Joined By Sliding Messaging Support As Well

Pushbullet is one of those apps that gets continuously updated over time, and while many releases don't look particularly mind-blowing on the outside, they subtly introduce rather impressive functionality. A week ago we reported on upcoming integration with EvolveSMS that would allow users to receive, view, and reply to text messages from the comfort of their desktop computers. Users could download a beta to play around with the feature before, but now it's rolling out to everyone.

Mirroring text messages to a PC is nothing new for Pushbullet, but the ability to respond is. How it works is pretty straightforward. A notification pops up that users can click to open a small input window.

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[Hands-On] Talon Is A New, Feature-Rich Twitter Client With Support For KitKat's Translucent System Bars

Talon is the latest third-party Twitter client to fly into the Play Store, and while the competition may be fierce, there's always room for something new to claw its way in and do things a different way. This particular offering comes to us from Klinker Apps, the makers of Sliding Messaging, and prides itself on having superb KitKat integration. This means users fortunate enough to have Android 4.4 can enjoy a Twitter feed that rolls under translucent system bars, functionality that Google introduced in the latest version of the OS that has yet to make its way into many apps.

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