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Fictional or not, Duolingo adds High Valyrian and Klingon to its Android app... and Czech too

Duolingo has updated its Android app to add three new languages: Czech, Klingon, and High Valyrian. All three were already supported on the web version of the service: High Valyrian launched in July of 2017, Czech eight months ago, and Klingon only this past March. But now they're accessible on mobile as well.

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[Qapla!] Duolingo's Klingon course is live, but only on the web for now

I have a fascination with languages and accents, and even though I never watched Star Trek (ducks), I find the guttural spit-inducing pronunciation of Klingon ridiculously awesome. I wouldn't, however, ever think of learning it: 3.5 languages are nice enough for me now. But for those of you who are excited about learning a language that not many people can speak, there's a Duolingo course for that.

Klingon has been promised by Duolingo for months - it was said to be coming at the end of last September. Instead, the course has just officially launched though it's only available on the web for now.

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Duolingo launches Korean language course, Klingon coming by the end of the month

Duolingo's Korean for English speakers language learning page has been asking for people to sign up for a while now. It's one of the top languages people register their interest in and today the course is finally launching.

While I don't see the option in my Duolingo app yet, the lesson courses should show up soon — today, hopefully. They follow the same style as Duolingo's other courses, using fun cards, associations, listening skills, and a gamification aspect to keep you coming back for more lessons to improve your new language skills. Korean isn't the first East Asian language supported (Japanese and Vietnamese are already available), but it serves to grow Duolingo's coverage and appeal.

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[buy' ngop DaHjaj] Microsoft Translator Now Speaks Klingon

maj po, Android Police.

tu'lu' buy' ngop DaHjaj.

tlhIngan yIjatlh microsoft Translator DaH.

Bing rur.

tlhIngan Hov trek Hol.

tlhIngan moj English Hol.

qaStaHvIS Play Store.


nI'jaj yInraj 'ej bIchepjaj.


· Expanded support for Arabic language in conversation mode, and as a downloadable package to use offline
· Added support for Klingon language
· Bug fixes

Microsoft Translator
Microsoft Translator

Alternate title: That Article That Took Me 2 Hours To Finish Because Klingon Doesn't Translate Well Back To English While Artem Lamented The Dozens Of Pending Android N Posts To Be Written.

Alternate title 2: screwed jIH.

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