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Dropbox declares end of support for Android 4.4 KitKat and 5 Lollipop

It's always admirable when a developer supports older operating systems; but there comes a time of diminishing returns when the effort to keep software working on old versions becomes disproportionately expensive compared to the ever-dwindling number of decrepit devices that still use an app. Such is the situation with Dropbox, which just declared the end of support for Android 5.x and older.

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Android Messages v3.0 drops KitKat support, prepares notification improvements, more on purchases and enhanced chat features [APK Teardown]

Android Messages just hit version 3.0. While hitting a new major version number might be an occasion for big things in some apps, this one appears to be a simple incremental step up from version 2.9. While there aren't any immediately obvious changes on the surface of this update, there are some things happening under the hood. It looks like support for KitKat has been dropped with this update, leaving behind about 12% of previously supported Android devices. There are also clues about changes to notifications about pictures and videos, enhanced chat features, and making purchases.

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[Deal Alert] Get a ZTE Spro 2 LTE smart projector for $399 (20%) off on eBay

The ZTE Spro 2 was initially announced two years ago, and later available for sale through AT&T for $500 without a contract ($400 with an agreement). It's definitely an odd device - it's running Android with access to the Google Play Store, so you can project your favorite media apps without a connected device. Now you can get it for $399, $100 off the starting price.

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Microsoft Releases Standalone Android Emulator With Easy Instructions To Use It With Android Studio And Eclipse With ADT

Microsoft surprised Android developers last year with the launch of a brand new emulator designed for performance and features that aren't available anywhere else. While the initial Preview release only included an image for KitKat, subsequent updates introduced an expanded set of emulator images and some valuable new features. While a high-speed emulator is certainly compelling, many developers still didn't adopt it because it had to be downloaded and installed alongside a very large Visual Studio package, not to mention it was also frustrating to set up for use with other IDEs. Last week, Microsoft unburdened the emulator and released it as a standalone download along with step-by-step instructions to set it up to easily run with Android Studio and Eclipse with ADT.

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[lolwut] Nestle Replaces Kit Kat Logo With 'YouTube Break' On Thousands Of Wrappers In The UK

In order for a circle jerk to work, the stroking has to go both ways. Google did Nestle a solid when it named Android 4.4 after the company's easily-broken-chocolate-bar-sticks. Now Nestle is taking a moment to return the favor. In the UK, the company has replaced Kit Kat branding with the words "YouTube Break" on over 600,000 limited edition wrappers.

The stroking doesn't stop there. Nestle is making this change as part of its "Celebrate the Breakers' Break" campaign, where it pushes Kit Kat eaters to "YouTube My Break." They can do so by pulling out their phones and uttering those words immediately after "OK Google."

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Microsoft Releases Updated Visual Studio Emulator for Android With New Device Profiles And Wi-Fi Simulation

Microsoft is in the midst of its annual Build conference. This is sort of like Google I/O or WWDC, but with fewer online viewers. Wednesday's keynote presentation was filled with announcements about Windows 10, the Microsoft Edge browser, an augmented reality headset, and quite a bit more. One product failed to earn stage time: the Visual Studio Emulator for Android, but developers may find renewed interest since the latest version is showing maturity as it expands through the addition of Device Profiles and a number of other recent enhancements.

We originally covered Microsoft's emulator for Android after a mid-November release during the Connect() conference.

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Nabi 2 Disney And Nickelodeon Editions Get Nabi OS 3.0 With KitKat Even Later Than The Original Nabi 2

When the Nabi 2 received an update to Nabi OS 3.0 last month, this bumped it up to KitKat a year and a half after Google unveiled that particular version of Android to the world. Now the Disney and Nickelodeon editions of the tablets have stumbled in to receive 4.4 even later.

Fortunately the youngsters these tablets are geared towards aren't likely to follow Android blogs religiously, foaming at the mouth for the latest mobile goodness. So this is probably no harm, no foul. Nevertheless, it's hard for those of us who do keep up with these things to lay eyes on a tablet so woefully out of date without feeling some sort of paint in our guts.

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Some Verizon Ellipsis 7 Owners Report Boot Loops After KitKat Over-The-Air Update

The Verizon Ellipsis 7 is probably not the first choice for tablets among Android Police readers. It's a low-end, whitebox tablet from some no-name OEM that Verizon has rebranded in order to create a product that could sit at the very bottom of its tablet lineup. Even so, those people who did buy an Ellipsis 7 (or got one for free in various packaged promotions) were probably quite happy to see the KitKat update come in a couple of weeks ago... assuming they actually got to use it.


On this Verizon support forum, a handful of Ellipsis 7 owners are complaining of "boot loops" after upgrading to Android 4.4 via the OTA.

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Verizon's Ellipsis 7 Tablet Isn't Ready For Lollipop, Gets KitKat Update Instead

The Verizon Ellipsis 7 launched in November of 2013, a time shortly after Google released the Nexus 5 and manufacturers were thinking about pushing KitKat to their devices. Given the timing, it made sense that Verizon didn't ship Android 4.4 on its tablet.

But man, the carrier sure took its time. Three months after the world has had time to become acquainted with Lollipop, Verizon has decided to push KitKat out to its 7-inch tablet. As part of the over-the-air update, users get screen casting, wireless printing, and other features they've had more than enough time to get to know on other devices.

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US Cellular's Motorola Electrify M (AKA RAZR M) Gets Updated To Android 4.4 A Year And A Half Later

Opening statement giving a broad overview of device updates. Introduction of specific manufacturer, carrier, and model. Expression of dissatisfaction at the state of Android updates. Date comparison of release of specific Android version and the latest version. Specific call to action for carrier and/or manufacturer. Lamentation on behalf of affected users. Grudging link to documentation of software update. In case you couldn't tell yet, we do a lot of these overdue carrier update posts on Android Police, and they aren't any more fun for us to write than they are for you to read.

a google company

Today's object of ire is US Cellular.

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