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Train wreck revealed by car crash (Or: Cyanogen Inc. is now Andrasta)

A since-deleted tweet published by former Cyanogen CEO Kirt McMaster - who, I will note with great sadness, has apparently unblocked me on Twitter - shows an image of a damaged building and a thoroughly deformed Tesla. Also revealed in the photo is the site of what can only be described as an ongoing collision of money and poor decision-making, Cyanogen Inc, now apparently known as Andrasta.

We'd long suspected Andrasta was the new face of Cyanogen (this has been sitting in our to-do tracker well over a month pending confirmation), but McMaster's tweet last week confirmed it. See 'exhibit A,' a photo from McMaster's tweet.

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[Updated] Steve Kondik blames Kirt McMaster for Cyanogen Inc's failure, CyanogenMod to reorganize and regroup

Steve Kondik has left a statement about the rather troubling news coming out of Cyanogen Inc. this week on the [private] official CyanogenMod developer Google+ community, and things aren't looking pretty. While Kondik doesn't say outright that he's leaving "the Inc," it's pretty strongly implied that he wants nothing to do with the company anymore. The problem is that while Kondik wants out and to move on with the CyanogenMod project, there could be significant legal hurdles in fully detangling the open source community project from the for-profit venture.

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Cyanogen Inc. will shutter Seattle office by end of year, more layoffs happening, Kondik could be out

According to sources both in and outside the company, Cyanogen Inc. is effectively ceasing to exist as it has for much of its short lifetime as of today, with a renewed round of layoffs and an internal announcement at the company that its Seattle headquarters will close by the end of the year, AKA within around a month. This should not be surprising to anyone at this point.

Our sources also claim that the future of the company's cofounder, Steve Kondik, is up in the air. Kondik was removed from the company's board, allegedly, as part of a managerial shakeup last month that also saw CEO Kirt McMaster cede his position to newcomer Lior Tal.

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[Update: Confirmed] Kirt McMaster out as Cyanogen Inc. CEO, gets Eric Schmidt'ed to "Executive Chairman"

Kirt McMaster, the controversial CEO of Cyanogen Inc., will be stepping down from his role, we've learned. An announcement could come as soon as tomorrow as part of a larger news release regarding the company's new structure and direction. McMaster changed his title on LinkedIn recently to reflect the change. It is unclear what role this would actually give McMaster at the company, or who would replace him as CEO. Cyanogen Inc.'s website still lists McMaster in his former position.

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Steve Kondik: There won't be "much if any" involvement from Cyanogen Inc. on CyanogenMod 14

If a comment on a CyanogenMod commit thread by founder Steve Kondik is any indicator, rumors that Cyanogen Inc. is basically getting out of the OS development business seem to be coming to fruition. While the context of the comment is a rather specific commit thread, Kondik's frustration seems to have led to him to say a bit more about Cyanogen Inc.'s future plans than the company may have liked:

There isn't really going to be much if any involvement from the Inc this time around and I'm taking on a lot of stuff on my own to try and keep us moving forward.

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Cyanogen CEO Says That Microsoft's Cortana Assistant Will Be 'Deeply Integrated' Into Cyanogen OS

Cyanogen, the company that's grown out of the most popular third-party ROM for Android phones and tablets, is now a partner of Microsoft. CEO Kirt McMaster (who you might remember from some rather colorful statements earlier this year) says that the first fruit of that union will be the integration of Cortana with future versions of the modified Android ROM.

McMaster said so in an interview with International Business Times:

McMaster revealed that Cyanogen is working with Microsoft to deeply integrate Cortana into the next version of Cyanogen OS. This is key to catapulting Cyanogen into the mass market, he asserts: Cortana is currently available as an app on Android, but in order for it to make a real difference, it needs to be able to be integrated at the OS level so that its full potential can be leveraged.

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