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New Kindle Singles Classics provide timeless articles, stories, and essays for 99 cents

For better or worse, Amazon dominates the e-book lanscape. After buying Audible, it commands audiobooks as well. In 2011, the retailer introduced a way to attract readers with content from magazines and periodicals. Alongside digital magazine subscriptions, the company began selling articles and other long-form content between 5,000 and 30,000 words.

Amazon called these stories and essays Kindle Singles. Now it's expanding on the category with timeless well-known stories.

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[Update: APK Download] Amazon Page Flip lets you skim an ebook without losing your place

There are some things you can do with a dead tree book that you can't do with the Kindle app. For example, get a paper cut or flip quickly between two pages. Actually, Amazon has figured out how to make the app do one of those things. Don't fret, your fingers are safe; it's the second one. Amazon's new Page Flip feature lets you jump to a different page while reading, then go back to your previous location.

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[Fire Sale] Amazon Discounts Several Fire Tablets, Fire TV, And Amazon Echo For Black Friday

It's Black Friday, and everything must go! Amazon is offering considerable discounts of over 30% on plenty of devices, including Fire TV sticks and Fire tablets, as well as that futuristic-looking cylinder called Amazon Echo.

Here's what we've managed to find:

It looks like these deals may be available in other stores such as Best Buy, too.

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Amazon Announces Retail Expansion Into Mexico, Shopping Now Available South Of The Border Via The Amazon App

It's honestly kind of surprising that a company as huge and far-reaching as Amazon hasn't made a more serious effort to sell things in Mexico yet. After all, there are over a hundred million people in the country - surely a few of them want to buy some books and phones and such, and Amazon already sells to much smaller markets in Europe. The company announced today that it's expanding its online retail services to Mexico, including both conventional sales and its Marketplace program.

That will make the Amazon Kindle e-readers available in Mexico, but oddly there's no mention of the Kindle Fire, Fire TV, or Fire Phone lines (you never know, someone down there might actually want one).

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[Deal Alert] Get The 8GB - 16GB Fire HD 7 With Or Without Ads For $60 Off ($80 - $115)

Amazon's Fire HD line of tablets aren't geared for hardcore Android enthusiasts. They don't come with the Play Store. They don't offer Google apps. And they don't come with the Google Now Launcher or any of that relatively new material design. But they are pretty good at letting you consume media.

The Fire HD 7 is a low to mid-range offering with a rather mediocre 1280 by 800 display. But today you can get it for $60 off, which isn't all that much dough to cough up for the hardware. The cheapest option is the 8GB model with ads (ahem, special offers), which has dropped from $140 to $80.

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Amazon Kindle Android App v4.11 Adds Book Introductions, Popular Highlights, Help For Difficult Words, And More

Amazon knows its offers more e-books than the other guys, and when it comes to producing a solid reader, that matters a great deal. So what else does the company have left to do for each of its updates?

For version 4.11, it is trying to improve the experience for people who are picking up (metaphorically speaking) a particular book for the first time and those who may have trouble with larger words.

So when you initially open a novel, Amazon will toss up an introductory panel that provides general background information along with an estimated read time. It only does this once.

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Amazon Kindle 4.7 Update Lets Users Start Listening To An Audiobook Before It Finishes Downloading, Edit Highlights, And More

Amazon has pushed out an update to its Kindle app for Android that might pique your interest if you're into audiobooks, speak Dutch, or like to highlight things. Yes, that's an admittedly eclectic mix of traits and interests, but that's the way these updates work. Developers aren't particularly invested in making sure we bloggers have a theme to categorize each new version under.

What's new:

  • Start playing narration before audiobook download is complete
  • Localized support for Dutch
  • Tap on highlight to edit
  • Several bug fixes

So let's just tackle this list of changes in order. Audiobook listeners can now begin listening to stories before they fully finish downloading.

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Kindle App Updated To 4.6, Brings Immersive Mode, Lockscreen Audio Controls, And More

If you're heavily invested in Amazon's book ecosystem, then you're probably an avid Kindle user. If you also happen to use Google Books, then you've probably noticed that Amazon's offering is lacking many of the features that make Books so good, like immersive mode. Well, Amazon stepped up its game today with a Kindle app update that brings that and much more:


  • Read books in immersive full-screen mode (Android OS 4.4+)
  • Tap the bottom right corner of a page to lock orientation
  • Control playback from the lock screen while audio is playing in the book
  • Choose system brightness in reader settings
  • Navigate table of contents by sub chapter
  • Pair with Bluetooth devices (Permission)

1 1[1] 1[3]

Amazon, update your test device already.

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[Deal Alert] 32GB Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 Wi-Fi Going For $300 ($130 Off) Today Only

Amazon is currently offering the Wi-Fi version of its 32GB Kindle Fire 8.9 for $299.99, a discount of $130. For an extra 15 bucks, you can get the variant without ads (excuse me, special offers) instead. The discount applies to both, and it's valid for only today.

Screenshot 2014-08-05 at 10.23.27 AM

Other variations of the tablet are also going at discounted rates, though they don't compare to the $130 savings we see on the aforementioned model. The 16GB and 64GB options are both available for $60 off. The former, at $319, is a waste today considering the 32GB model is currently cheaper, but the 64GB might be worth a glance if you're certain you're going to cram this tablet full of content.

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Amazon Introduces Kindle Unlimited, All The Reading (And Listening) You Can Handle For $9.99 A Month

We've heard rumblings about a possible Netflix-like service for books provided by Amazon, and now that service has come to fruition. It's called Kindle Unlimited, and it essentially offers customers access to over 600,000 titles from the Kindle Library and 2,000 on Audible, with unlimited reading or listening on both for roughly $10 a month.


Of course, Amazon isn't the only one offering a service like this, as Oyster just launched its all-you-can-read book buffet last month for the same price. While the two companies' catalogs are comparable strictly based on numbers, Amazon's offering still contains around 100,000 more titles right out of the gate, plus access to Audible audio books (and the ability to switch seamlessly between the two with Whispersync).

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