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[Deal Alert] Amazon Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite down $30 to $49.99 and $89.99, respectively

I know this isn't exactly Android news, but it's Android-adjacent so I've decided it counts as a deal alert. Amazon is discounting two of its Kindle ebook readers by $30: the regular Kindle and the Kindle Paperwhite. With the price drop, these now start at $49.99 and $89.99, respectively, an all-time low that we've seen on very rare occasions before.

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Most Wanted: The best tablets and Chromebooks you can buy (2017)

An updated version of this guide is available here.

The giving season is almost upon us, and if you didn't get your holiday shopping done during the sales running from Black Friday to Cyber Monday, then you might want to start now. Thankfully, if someone on your list is interested in a big-screen device for running apps, we're here to help. Here's a nice simple list of our favorite Chromebooks and tablets for your consideration.

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Amazon completely revamps Kindle app with new interface, persistent search bar, and more

The Kindle app has been on Android since the early days, and it's been some time since Amazon gave it a fresh coat of paint. The busted old interface is on the way out today. A new Kindle app is rolling out with an updated look and some new features. Although, not everyone is happy with the new app.

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Kindle's Oasis is its first waterproof eBook reader with a larger 7" display

The holidays are fast approaching and Amazon seems to be announcing one new product or service every day, so it's hard to keep up. The latest, however, is a waterproof Kindle with a larger 7" display that has us really jealous and itching for something like it but also compatible with Play Books.

Unlike its predecessors, the Oasis doesn't sport a 6" display, but takes it up a notch to 7". And it does that while reducing most bezels and thus still being roughly the same height and weight as the Paperwhite or Voyage. Only the width is larger, mainly thanks to that big black bezel on one side.

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Amazon Kindle adds ComiXology Guided View, searches through your notes and highlighted text

There's a small but neat little change in the Amazon Kindle app on Android: you can now not only search for words inside the book you're reading, but you can also search for what you've personally added as a note (like in the screenshot above). Words included in sentences and paragraphs you've highlighted will also show on top of all search results (screenshot below). This makes it easier to find a sentence you've highlighted in the book or a note you've written about a specific section or sentence.

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Amazon adds Reading benefit to its Prime membership to satisfy the book and magazine nerd in you

There are a lot of benefits to being an Amazon Prime subscriber, other than the obvious free 2-day shipping. Beside Prime Video, Prime Music, and Prime Photos, the yearly plan caters to readers too by offering Audible Channels and a selection of free Audiobooks, Kindle First for a chance to buy an upcoming book before its official release, and Kindle Owners' Lending Library which is limited to one book a month and only works on Kindle and Fire hardware.

However, those benefits were still poor compared to the full Prime Video and Music access, and they didn't hold a candle to the separate Kindle Unlimited plan that offers access to hundreds of thousands of titles and Audiobooks.

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New Kindle Singles Classics provide timeless articles, stories, and essays for 99 cents

For better or worse, Amazon dominates the e-book lanscape. After buying Audible, it commands audiobooks as well. In 2011, the retailer introduced a way to attract readers with content from magazines and periodicals. Alongside digital magazine subscriptions, the company began selling articles and other long-form content between 5,000 and 30,000 words.

Amazon called these stories and essays Kindle Singles. Now it's expanding on the category with timeless well-known stories.

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[Update: APK Download] Amazon Page Flip lets you skim an ebook without losing your place

There are some things you can do with a dead tree book that you can't do with the Kindle app. For example, get a paper cut or flip quickly between two pages. Actually, Amazon has figured out how to make the app do one of those things. Don't fret, your fingers are safe; it's the second one. Amazon's new Page Flip feature lets you jump to a different page while reading, then go back to your previous location.

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[Fire Sale] Amazon Discounts Several Fire Tablets, Fire TV, And Amazon Echo For Black Friday

It's Black Friday, and everything must go! Amazon is offering considerable discounts of over 30% on plenty of devices, including Fire TV sticks and Fire tablets, as well as that futuristic-looking cylinder called Amazon Echo.

Here's what we've managed to find:

It looks like these deals may be available in other stores such as Best Buy, too.

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Amazon Announces Retail Expansion Into Mexico, Shopping Now Available South Of The Border Via The Amazon App

It's honestly kind of surprising that a company as huge and far-reaching as Amazon hasn't made a more serious effort to sell things in Mexico yet. After all, there are over a hundred million people in the country - surely a few of them want to buy some books and phones and such, and Amazon already sells to much smaller markets in Europe. The company announced today that it's expanding its online retail services to Mexico, including both conventional sales and its Marketplace program.

That will make the Amazon Kindle e-readers available in Mexico, but oddly there's no mention of the Kindle Fire, Fire TV, or Fire Phone lines (you never know, someone down there might actually want one).

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