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Facebook's Messenger Kids app comes to the Play Store

Facebook has to tread carefully when it comes to making products and services for kids under the age of 13. However, it's not like it's hard for kids to lie about their age to gain access to all the wonderful and unspeakably terrible things on the internet. If kids are going to be sending messages over the internet, parents might want to give the child-friendly Messenger Kids a shot. It's launching on Android today with some special Valentine's Day features.

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[Hands-on] Facebook Messenger Kids comes to Amazon's Fire tablets

Facebook has released its new Messenger Kids app to the Amazon App Store, making the service available to owners of its Fire line of tablets. So I grabbed one of the Fire 7 tablets we have for our kids and installed the app to see what it was all about, and just how well it works on Amazon's lowest-end hardware.

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MindKoo Unicat Cat Ear Bluetooth headphones are a fun and inexpensive gift for the kid on your list, take 35% off with our exclusive coupon [Sponsored Post]

It can be tough thinking of gifts for kids. These days nephews and nieces already have all the latest gadgets, and whatever gift we choose is already out of style, out of date, or boring. But you know what they probably don't have? A pair of MindKoo's Unicat light-up Cat Ear Bluetooth headphones. Even better, right now our readers can pick them up for 35% off. Little Suzy doesn't need to know you got them with a coupon, though.

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YouTube Kids v3 introduces profiles for kids and brings updated artwork [APK Download]

Keeping young kids entertained is a full-time job and sometimes the only solution is to give them something to watch. If you have more than one kid, especially at different ages, that gets much harder to do because video content changes quite a bit as they grow up. The latest update to YouTube Kids is making this a little more manageable with a brand new system for kid profiles. Once set up, all kids have to do is switch to their own profile and they'll immediately get recommendations appropriate to their age.

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Google is rolling out more than 50 new family-friendly games and activities on Assistant

Google Assistant is more than a way to control your lights or find out how many miles are in a league (it's 3.45 miles). There are also some neat little games and bots with which to interact. Today, Google has rolled out more than 50 new games and activities for families with kids. Maybe just kids at heart, too.

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Google App 7.13 beta brings back notification toggle to Assistant devices, prepares for commuting, kids, and Pixel Buds [APK Teardown]

An update to the Google app hit the beta channel yesterday and it brings back the Notification toggles for Assistant devices that had briefly appeared a few months ago. Also in tow are some visual tweaks and a revised list of the types of devices certain Assistant features work with. A teardown also turns up new commute settings, a few bits about getting your kids set up with Google Assistant and Home, and a pretty cool feature for the newly announced Pixel Buds.

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Disney merges its TV apps into 'DisneyNOW'

In the past, Disney has had one app for each of its TV networks - Disney Channel, Disney Junior, and Disney XD. That means three apps you have to manage, and (at least) three times you have to enter your cable credentials to get access to all available content. Now the company is consolidating all three into the new 'DisneyNOW' app.

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Google's Family Link parental control app is now available to everyone (in the US)

Back in March, Google announced an interesting new app allowing parents to set up accounts on Android devices for kids under 13. Unlike setting them up with a standard account, Family Link gives you power over what they can do with their phone or tablet. The app was available as part of an invitation-only test in the US, but now it's getting a widespread public launch.

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Build, code, and play with the LEGO Boost companion app for Android

LEGO must be one of the most ubiquitous toys in the world. It's hard to imagine growing up without it. Somehow, the company has managed to remain relevant all these years, finding new ways to engage with kids as the world around them changes. One of the most highly anticipated LEGO releases for some time is the Boost Creative Toolbox, which tasks you with building a robot named Vernie, among others, and programming them to perform certain actions using "drag-n'-drop coding." It's due to ship from August 1st, and in preparation, the Android app has just been made available.

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YouTube Kids v2.28 sets up for user profiles and better offline video management [APK Teardown]

YouTube doesn't talk very much about what it has to offer for younger audiences, but through its Kids app, parents have easy access to a great library of child-friendly material. Not long ago, the app introduced a "reading" category built around the theme of books and literary characters. Regular updates to the app are also occasionally introducing new features. The latest update includes a few hints about some improvements that may be coming soon, including more control over offline videos and profiles for easily swapping content for different kids.

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