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Znaps On Kickstarter Adds A MagSafe-Style Connector To Your Phone For $9

Even if you figure out which way the connector plugs into your phone, it's still plugging in, right? That's awkward to do with one hand and provides a great way to get your phone yanked off the table if you trip over the cord. Znaps is a product that's currently tearing it up on Kickstarter that could make everything better. For $9 you get a tiny magnetic adapter that makes plugging in your phone a snap, er—Znap.

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Jide Tech Is Back On Kickstarter With The Remix Mini, A 64-Bit Mini Android PC Running Remix OS And Starting At $20

If the names Jide Tech and Remix sound oddly familiar to you, it's because we've previously talked about the Chinese company's Kickstarter project for an 11.6" Android tablet with a full keyboard and multi-window support (an Android Surface essentially) that was going for $39 in its Early Bird pledges. After the success of that campaign, Jide appears to have hit a rough patch with its delivery courier but most users seem to have finally received their tablets and are quite happy using them, as the project's comment section shows.

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[Party's Over] FTC Finally Takes Action Against A Fraudulent Kickstarter Campaign

We see a lot of questionable crowdfunding campaigns in the technology sphere. There's everything from magical multi-screen phone-laptop hybrids, to flexible wrist phones, to more dumb smartwatches than you can count. Now the people behind these outlandish projects might have a new concern to factor into the "risks" section of their pitch. The Federal Trade Commission has announced the first successful action against a fraudulent crowdfunding campaign.


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Aria's Sensor Will Let You Swipe And Tap On Android Wear Without Touching Your Watch

Here's the problem with Android Wear. Although my G Watch R is always with me, notifying me and taking my commands, controlling it with anything but voice seems a tad cumbersome. You can realistically hold and interact with a phone using one hand, but you can't with a watch. You need both hands, which, if you ask me, feels like a step backwards sometimes. If my right hand is in my pocket, or holding something, steering, mixing a batch of cake filling, typing, grocery shopping, brushing my teeth, climbing a mountain, squeezing a lemon, or otherwise occupied, I have to interrupt whatever it is doing and bring it together with my left wrist to take care of a new notification on my watch.

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Nexpaq Modular Phone Case More Than Triples Kickstarter Goal, Seems Marginally More Plausible Than A Modular Phone

There have been a few Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns lately that are pushing the idea of a modular phone similar to Google's Project Ara. These are devices designed by small teams of people without the engineering resources of Google, and if you'll forgive my pessimism, they sound like nonsense. Nexpaq is a somewhat more modest take on the modular phone. The modules plug into the Nexpaq case and you simply drop in your existing phone.

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HDHomeRun DVR Software Reaches Its Funding Goal On Kickstarter, Offers A Potentially Cheaper Alternative To Cable Counterparts

The people who brought you HDHomeRun, a set of cable tuners that allow you to watch television on devices other than your base TV, are now close to bringing a DVR to market. With over $100,000 pledged on Kickstarter, they have now reached their funding goal to release this new, more practical product.


Previous HDHomeRun products simply allowed you to stream whatever was on your TV live to other devices, like Android tablets or game consoles, on your home network.

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[Update: Indiegogo Campaign Is Bogus] Remix' Big 11.6" Android Tablet With A Full Keyboard And Multi-Window Enabled OS Reaches Its $100K Kickstarter Goal In A Day

This isn't your typical Kickstarter. Jeremy Chau, one of the company's co-founders, states it clearly from the get-go in the campaign's introductory video. Remix isn't a bunch of over-promised under-delivered hogwash that may get stuck for years in the development and manufacturing process like 90% of Kickstarter products — it is a real tablet, it was demo'ed at CES, and it's already being sold in China.

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ZRRO, An Android Mini-Console With A Unique Touch-Based Controller, Reaches $200,000 Kickstarter Goal

Stop me if you've heard this one before: an ambitious group of hardware creators has an idea for an Android-based gaming console, but they need your help to complete it. Yes, the ZRRO sounds a lot like many other Android set-top boxes that have cropped up over the last few years. But wait, there's more! This one includes a touch-based controller... that works a lot like a remote smartphone. Without the screen.

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Pebble Introduces The Pebble Time Steel And Smartstraps That Do More Than Simply Hold The Watch To Your Wrist

Pebble has received 12 million in pledges since unveiling its updated smartwatch, but as impressive as that is, it's not what I've come here to tell you. This time around, Pebble isn't waiting half a year to update its creation with a higher-end iteration. One week after kicking off the project, the company has followed up with a second version, the Pebble Time Steel.

Like the Pebble Steel before it, the Pebble Time Steel doesn't change the internals found in its plastic sibling, except for a larger battery, which will apparently provide this model with up to 10 days of use.

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Woolet Is A Wallet With An Embedded Self-Charging Bluetooth Tether So You Won't Lose It

Ever lose your wallet? Presumably it would be much harder to lose this one. Woolet is basically a wallet with a Bluetooth tether built in that can be paired with your phone. It has just been funded on Kickstarter with more than a month still to go.

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