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The Superbook Android laptop has passed $1 million in Kickstarter funding

We're careful about covering hardware Kickstarters because so many of them fail to deliver. The Superbook laptop dock first popped up a few months ago, then it hit Kickstarter last week. Whether or not this device lives up to the hype, there's enough hype that you should probably be aware of it. The Superbook has already pulled in more than a million dollars, and there are still a few more weeks left in the campaign.

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[Hold The Door] Kickstarter's Latest Android Changelog Contains Bug Fixes... And Hodor

If you're a Game Of Thrones fan, you're likely well aware of the "hold the door" meme that has transfixed a good portion of the internet for the last couple of weeks. Kickstarter, too, it seems, is engrossed with the series' doorstopper of a storyline, as their latest changelog takes "Bug fixes and performance improvements" to a whole new level.

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PayPal Will End Purchase Protection Refunds For Crowdfunding Backers, Because Duh

Have you ever been part of a crowdfunding campaign gone wrong? No doubt some of you have, and some of you may well have contributed to such campaigns through PayPal for a reason that, until now, made it quite handy in the event of such a misfortune: purchase (formerly buyer) protection. PayPal's purchase protection basically is a "guarantee" that if you buy something through PayPal and never receive it, PayPal will reimburse you the cost of your purchase. So, instead of making you play a never-ending dispute resolution game of cat and mouse with an unresponsive - or in this case, likely non-liquid-asset-possessing - seller, you just get the money back, and PayPal can choose to go after the merchant.

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2VR Kickstarter Project Promises To Make A VR Headset Out Of Hipster Glasses And Hooks

Some people consider virtual reality exciting. Full disclosure: I'm not one of those people. The idea of shoving a screen inches from my face and combining that with sensory deprivation sounds closer to punishment than fun.

The 2VR Kickstarter project addresses one of those issues. In doing so, it doesn't turn VR into something you can experience without having to block out the rest of the world. Instead, it shows off a compromised experience that is neither immersive enough for VR nor transparent enough to use in public.

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Nextbit Delays The Ship Date Of CDMA Robin Until April

What would you say if I told you a smartphone Kickstarter is experiencing a delay? Would you be shocked? I bet not. It's really just par for the course. Nextbit has announced that the CDMA version of its Robin smartphone won't ship next month after all. Instead, they're expecting it to be ready in April.

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Kickstarter Launches Official Android App—Hopefully Future Updates Aren't Stretch Goals

Here's an idea. Tell me if I should get it crowdfunded. We'll create an Android app for Kickstarter. Wait, before you scoff, hear me out. This way you don't have to fiddle around with opening the site in a browser or opting to sit down at a laptop instead. As soon as you get the urge to throw your money at a project, you can do so.

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Nextbit Robin Will Start Shipping To Backers February 16th

Kickstarter campaigns are not usually a good place to shop for your next phone. Hardware projects often end up massively delayed and the software becomes outdated before it even ships. However, Nextbit has updated its Kickstarter page with a new timeline for shipping the first finished Robin handsets—the first batch should go out on February 16th. Could it be a Kickstarter miracle?

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Crowdfunded Console OS Accused Of 'Stealing' Android-x86 Project's Open Source Code

The world of open source collaborative projects can be murky at times, and throwing crowdfunding into the mix doesn't make it any clearer. This odd intersection is the source of much drama in the small but passionate community that wants to see Android become as widespread on the desktop as it is on mobile. Members of the open source development team over at the Android-x86 Project, which aims to make Android operable on standard PC hardware, claim that Kickstarter project Console OS has "stolen" Android x86 code and presented it, at least in part, as its own creation.

This is where things start to get complicated.

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Verizon-Only Variant Of The Nextbit Robin Becomes The CDMA Version, Now Includes Sprint Support

A week after announcing pre-orders for a Verizon CDMA version of its Robin smartphone, Nextbit is now rolling out news that Sprint support will come included as well. This won't be a separate model. Instead, Nextbit is now calling the Verizon version the CDMA version, and it will work on either carrier.

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Nextbit Announces Pre-Orders For Verizon CDMA Robin Variant And A Community Color Contest

The Nextbit Robin still has nearly two weeks to go on Kickstarter, but the cloud-centric phone already has more than $1 million. That's an impressive level of support for a company that hasn't made a phone before. Now even more people can get in on the pre-order bonanza. Nextbit will be launching a Verizon CDMA variant of the Robin tomorrow (September 18th).

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